Achy Breaky Legs

   I was feelin the burn this morning! Last night I did a new workout DVD to get in my strength training for the day and whooooweee it was great! It was the SHAPE Best-Ever Hollywood Workout featuring Celebrity Trainer Gunnar Peterson. If you are looking for a quick, at home, strength workout I definitely recommend this DVD!!

Back to today!

I woke up bright and early and began my commute to work with coffee and a banana in hand! Fuel for the road! Image

When I arrived at work I heated up the oatmeal I made for myself last night. Yum. I love the basics!

After busily working away all morning, it was time for my lunch break. I am lucky that my office provides a free fitness center in the basement and I use it daily!  Even though my legs were burning I had a 3 mile run on the books for today. Gotta do it!

Pre-workout Pic!

Pre-workout Pic!

I didnt do too shabby either! Averaged just over an 8 minute milephoto - Copy!

I came back up to my desk after showering and began to eat my lunch! On the menu for today was a buffalo chicken salad with a sprinkling of parmesan and light caesar dressing.  DELISH! But, my eyes were a bit bigger than my stomach today I wasn’t able to finish it all. I also had some snacks throughout the afternoon to keep me going. Yummy carrots and hummus and some perfectly ripe clementines. I have recently started to take Muscle Milk Light shakes for my afternoon recovery drink as well!photo (3)

After a long but productive day at work, I came home to this smiling face! Hey there Sparky!! How can that not make you happy!?

After playing with the pooch I began to make my

Tonight is pasta! I made Al Dente Egg Fettuccine Carba Nada Pasta with sauteed spinach, portabello mushrooms, and onions covered in a spicy marinara. I topped the plate with some more parmesan! Melty goodness!

photo (4)

I am so happy tomorrow is Friday but I have a lot on the books for tonight. I am leaving for a trip to Mexico next week (YAYYYYYY) and I have a lot of little things I need to do to get ready! Til tomorrow, friends!


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