Double Digits!

Hi friends hope everyone’s Saturday is off to a good start! Today mike and I tackled our first double digit run on the half marathon training plan! It wasn’t easy but all my training has certainly helped! I felt great after and think I could have kept going. Success!

My pre run breakafast!

Coffee. Sweet Coffee.

Here are my splits:

1 8:14.6 1.00 8:15
2 8:36.7 1.00 8:37
3 8:41.4 1.00 8:41
4 8:37.7 1.00 8:38
5 8:52.8 1.00 8:53
6 8:43.5 1.00 8:44
7 9:08.9 1.00 9:09
8 9:07.4 1.00 9:07
9 8:19.1 1.00 8:19
10 8:09.9 1.00 8:09

Not looking too great after but were still standing! Isn’t he cute!

I love doing my long distance runs with Mike. He is great at setting the pace and keeping me motivated and positive through the whole thing. He always pushes me to finish strong too!

We trie using fuel on our run for the dirt time today. We split gu and Gatorade chews to sample. I wasn’t a fan of the texture of either but both have good flavor. They definitely kept me going the whole time. Last week I felt like I was running on empty doing nine miles and it was a whole different story today!

Ready for an easy recipe? Last night I mentioned I was mentioning I was testing out a new recipe for dinner. I found this form the HungryGirl’s post on the Weight Watchers website. I changed it a little but it was a great side to my shrimp last night! Below are the ingredients!

Healthified Mac and Cheese:
Serves two.
One bag steamers broccoli and cheese by Green Giant (prepare by bag directions)
One cup cooked whole wheat pasta
Half a cup of reduced fat shredded cheddar cheese

Cook the steamer bag as directed on package. Pour into two bowls. Add half a cup of pasta to each bowl and top with a quarter cup of cheddar to each. Mix well and serve. Mmm!

My dinner was delish and I had a great Friday night! Tomorrow is a big day for Mike… I’ll be sure to share tomorrow!

This afternoon I got a wonderful massage with my friend Laura! my toes are ready for Mexico!

Tonight we have a wild night in planned! A Redbox is rented and we have plans to go out to dinner with friends. Have a great Saturday friends!


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