Calorie Tracking and Running

Hey guys!

Another Tuesday is here. However, the exciting thing about it is the fact that it is kind of like my Thursday!!!  Last day of work before Mexico is manana (I have been practicing, can’t you tell!) 😉

Here is a shot of last night’s dinner. BBQ Shrimp pizza and a side of chicken Caesar salad. YUM!

Din Din

Din Din

I rounded off this meal with a spoonful of all natural chunky peanut butter. Peanut butter= love.

photo (5)

Breakfast today was a repeat of yesterday and lunch was pasta bowl leftovers with the Carba Nada pasta from last week. Boring. Also, note to self that they don’t taste even half as good 5 days out!

My run on my plan today was 5 miles. 5 miles 41.29 8.18 pace. Not too Shabby!

1.8 002

New Kicks!

My question for you all today is when you are training for a race do you tend to gain weight? I have gained about 5 pounds since I started to train for my half marathon in April. Not that this is anything to panic about, but in an effort to turn my life into a more healthy direction, I know I can shed those pounds and I should. I saw that had Tina had an issue with this when she trained for a marathon in the past.

After my 10 mile run on Saturday I think it is safe to say that I threw caution to the wind and feasted. Not my proudest moment. Chipolte for lunch and we had pizza for dinner. On my 3rd slice I noticed that I was uncomfortably full. This was my aha moment. It may seem dumb to you all but this made me realize that although I am exercising a lot I need to be cautious because those 5 pounds can creep and snowball out of proportion. I am in no means overweight and do not have an eating disorder. But, like I said this caught my attention and motivated me to track what I ate. I used the Lose it app on my iPhone and the Weight Watchers app as well just to see where I stood. Wow! I consumed more than I had burnt after almost 90 minutes of running plus my daily normal intake. I have tried to be much more conscientious all week and listened to my body’s signals to tell me if I am really hungry or if simply eating out of boredom or habit. It hasn’t been easy, but it hasn’t been hard. I can do this!


Making these healthy changes in my life are baby steps and I plan on keeping them with me long term. This whole process is all about discovery and teaching myself how to live a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. I don’t want to undo all of my hard work on the weekends anymore. I am taking this one day and step at a time. But I still can treat myself to a nacho every now and then right? Moderation. 🙂

Sparky says have a good night!




5 thoughts on “Calorie Tracking and Running

  1. Completely agree! I have found that nothing gives me more successful runs and stable weight that a high protein, low card diet. It leaves me all around feeling GREAT. I have tons of low carb recipes (some pretty creative!) on my blog…
    Check it out!
    Ps. Love your site!

  2. I have to really watch what I eat when I run. Last yr I did two marathons and put 6 lb on training for the first in April. I then changed my diet to higher protein and I cut out all sugar and refined carbs having a ‘carb’ meal only once a week eg pasta or potato and rest of week just carb from veg. No bread at all. I did my second in the sept and felt so much better at a stone lighter than the first. My time was actually 12 min slower but the second was a much tougher and hillier course and the weather was awful
    Not sure if it helps or not but its just my experience, I have to track what I eat even more when I run!

  3. hey hey! new reader 🙂
    Tracking what you eat is a great idea! I DEFINITELY always, always gain weight when I run a lot. It’s funny how all my friends are shocked when that happens. haha! I put on about 10 pounds when I did my half last year!

    • Glad to hear it isn’t just me! 🙂
      I have been tracking what I have eaten all week and really started to listen to my body and I am already noticing positive changes. Plus this makes me feel so much better!! 🙂

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