Cross training, Injuries, and Nail Polish

Normal combo right? Hey it’s Friday, who cares! Anyone else have a 3 day weekend?! WOOHOO! I DO! Sorry for rubbing it in if you don’t!

Yay for selfies! I took this the minute I got out of wokr and into my car!

Yay for selfies! I took this the minute I got out of work and into my car!

Ok back to reality.  Instead of boring you all with my repeating meals from yesterday, I would rather have a chance to discuss cross training with you all. With my foot still in pain and my doctor appointment is not until next Wednesday, Mike and I made the executive decision to postpone our 11 mile training run scheduled for tomorrow. I am so sad and disappointed. I felt so incredible after running 10. I don’t want my foot (whatever is wrong with it… again fingers crossed for a deep bruise or something that heals fast) to set me back when I still have time to train. I am trying to be wise and give it a break that the pain is signaling it needs.Last night I propped it up, iced it and applied Arnica Gel that my awesome grandmother gave me in college for when I had thosesuper cute-mega nasty-football sized bruises from field hockey. It looks nasty but it is just a natural pain gel that you rub on to bruises and muscle soreness to aid in the relief. I am trying anything!

Arnica Gel

Arnica Gel

Today at lunch I simply did 45 minutes of intervals on the stationary bike while on my lunch break. It was a good workout and I did get a tiny sweat going. Is it just me or does anyone else not feel like they have done anything unless they are running/ doing something extremely hard that makes you feel accomplished? Running is just something I have fallen in love with and it is something just for me. It is hard not to feel discouraged right now but I am doing all that I can to stay positive.

In order to be proactive, I checked the schedule for my gym and they just so happen to offer a 50 minute spin class tomorrow morning at 8am! I will SO be there. I am also going to the local running store to be efficient and ask for advice from the professionals and get fitted for my first pair of custom/ actually good running shoes! I am so pumped! I can’t wait to shop til I drop there! (I am a dork.)

Tonight I am getting a much needed manicure and still trying to get my life together now that I am back from vacation… I know, I deserve no sympathyJ But, in any case… got any color suggestions for my nails?!

What are your favorite ways to train/ get in some cardio when you can’t run?

-Mine is spinning! It hurts so good!


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