The RESULTS are in

Well it’s official. According to my orthopaedic doctor, I have the beginning of a stress fracture in my foot. It it is on the top last bone close to my ankle. I am super bummed but trying to stay positive. I really did not expect this. But onwards and upwards. Things could be worse. It is not broken yet and I still have my health.

The doctor said typically they heal in 4-6 weeks so since I have taken the last 2 weeks easy, I will definitely be taking the next few weeks to rest my foot. I explained how important my race is to me but the ultimate importance to me is my health and I dont want to make anything worse. He said I really need to listen to my body and start slow when I do start up again. I need to make sure I take enough calcium and go buy some vitamin D tonight. I am free to do any non impact endurance and cardio work in the mean time so any good suggestions would be really helpful!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Enough of this pain nonsense… I love the quote that pain is just weakness leaving the body. This can only make me a better person and stronger runner!

Recap of today!

Holy Snow Balls. This was the temperature in my car this morning. Disgusting.

photo (46)

No one should ever have to leave the house in this kind of cold air. Take that as advice my Canadian and cold weather (Buffalo) readers! Stay home. Drink hot coffee. Watch trashy daytime tv. Eat a plate of Nachos. ๐Ÿ™‚ Stay warm everyone!

I had peanut butter and jell oatmeal this morning to warm up!

photo (44)

I ate a quick lunch of taco salad before I left work for the doctor too!

photo (43)

YUM! Can you spot the creamy and delicious avocado? I kept the salsa on the side so things wouldn’t get too mushy!

After my appointment and 5 minutes of self pity in the car, i picked myself up and went to the ice cream store gym. Since my doctor allows non impact exercises that do not hurt my foot, I swung into the spin studio and gave myself a 50 minute class. I am a tough teacher!

photo (41)

I worked through my frustration on the hills and pumped myself up with some sprints and imagined myself crossing the finish line in Nashville in April when I will be good as new!

I had a calcium packed snack this afternoon…

photo (42)

And finished up with a lot of this…

photo (40)
I am sure there will be a lot of this in the next few weeks!

Thank you in advance and Sorry too, to my family, best friends, and Mike. I am sure this running deprived diva will be a piece of work but I wouldn’t be where I am today without you. You guys are the best! This is justย a tiny bump in the road! ๐Ÿ™‚ย I am so lucky for my friend who as soon as I told she had workouts I can do to strengthen myself. Thank goodness for OT’s!

Question of the day: How did you handle a sports injury? What motivated you?


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