… Or just a Happy Thursday to you if you’re not a fan!

I have to say, peanut butter (chunky, if I am honest) is by far one of my favorite foods in the world! I prefer it directly from the jar!

Question of the century: Chunky or Smooth?

-Smooth is best for baking and for sandwiches

-Chunky is the BEST for savoring every bite (from the jar)

I woke up today a little bummed when I remembered there is no running for me for a bit. But my frown quickly turned upside down when I looked out the window and saw snow!! Just a good dusting, but it was still very pretty!

I made myself a hot cup of coffee this morning to enjoy with my breakfast. I made myself a yogurt parfait with some granola and fresh berries on top. Sadly, I deleted the picture somehow throughout the day so there is just the hope for tomorrow that I will crave it again! Following breakfast, it was vitamin time!

Since my doctor told me yesterday I need to up my calcium and vitamin D intake, I went and got some vitamin D last night. Below was my intake today:

photo (49)

Gummy Multivitamin, Calcium Chews (vanilla flavor), and Vitamin D to help my calcium be soaked up!!!

Sadly, the doctor also told me I need to cut out soda. I think that is what tipped off the tears yesterday. I have had a love affair with Diet Coke for as long as I can remember but I know this is what my body needs so gone it is! Toodles my love, I will miss you!

Lunch today was a pasta bowl to use up the remaining rice pasta I got at Mom’s on Sunday.

Step by Step:

Boil Pasta

photo (51)

Sauté sliced mushrooms and cut tomatoes in Pam and garlic powder.

photo (52)

Combine half a cup of your favorite Marinara Sauce.

photo (50)

Plate and enjoy!

photo (48)

Easy peasy! Still taking this whole cooking thang one step at a time!

My exercise today consisted of 30 minutes on the stationary bike at lunch doing intervals.

I also did some strength training! Check out this workout I did!


I also went to a Yoga class tonight at my gym. It was a nice change of pace!

photo (47)

Have a Happy Thursday friends, go eat some peanut butter!!

Question of the day: Chunky or Smooth!?



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