Snow Dog!

TGIF!! Happy Friday Party People!

What is everyone doing tonight? We had plans for a double date but due to illness and the snow in Baltimore we will be having a night in with my fam!! Woo! Feel better Brookie! 🙂

This morning started out with more calcium! I had greek yogurt covered in blueberries and Honey Bunches of Oats with almonds! So yum!

photo (58)

My lunch time workout consisted of another 40 minutes on the stationary bike and this fun arm workout that I got saw on Tina’s Blog ( She is awesome.


After that I had a yummy tuna salad! I went without dressing and topped this baby with hots! So good!

photo (56)

On the side I needed some carbs so I had these Kashi Crackers:

photo (57)

It was light and filling!

My afternoon snack was an apple… not gonna lie there was definitely some peanut butter added!! I also had another yogurt! Heal those bones baby!

photo (55)

Maryland is SO not good with dealing with snow on the roads. It took me an hour and a half to get home from work today. NOT FUN!

I got home and began to shovel the walk way and brought out this snowdog! How cute is he!

photo (53)
He was frolicking away. He was not happy at all though! Whoops! He came inside and ran about 500 laps to warm up! Crazy dog!

photo (54)

Right now I am warming up and preparing some snacks for a snack attack and waiting for Mike to get here! Spark is very excited to play with him!! Have a safe and warm Friday night Friends!!

Question of the day: What is your favorite snow day activity?

Mine used to be laying on the couch for 24 hours straight!


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