New Flavors make me so happy I drop things!

I’ll explain that title in 2 shakes!

Last night’s dinner was a bowl of my mom’s awesome chili! I topped it with a dollop of light sour cream and reduced fat Mexican mix cheese. So many veggies= love.

photo (76)

Last night I also did the Shape DVD’s 10 minute arms workout! Go me! One day of strength training down! Mission strong is in full swing while I can’t run!!

Breakfast this morning was a delicious bowl of overnight oats. (NEW!) Lemon greek yogurt, 1/3 cup raw oats, enough almond milk to get it liquid-y (?) topped with blackberries!

photo (75)

I went to the grocery store last night to pick up a few things for the week and noticed that my grocery store got more flavors of my favorite brand of greek yogurt! (AHHH!) It’s the simple things in life right?

… SO I did what any normal person would do when you see 1. New flavors you can’t wait to try and 2. See the price is cut to $1 a yogurt… I put about 11 in my arms and skipped and sang and did a little dance on the way to my cart…. but only too soon my sweet little yogurts met their demise. I jigged a little too much because I dropped about 5. Tears were welling in my eyes but then I noticed that only one had broken! Yippee! Crisis averted! Not only was I about to pay for a boat load of yogurt I didn’t get to eat but I would have had to go wallow in my embarrassment because it was crowded and the clerk saw me break it. However, he saved the day when  he picked it up and kindly said it happens. Made my night! Sorry for the run on sentence, that is how it happened.

PS. Please tell me I am not the only spaz out there!

I was rushing to get home because Monday night is my TV night. I had the pleasure of flipping through these quality shows all.night.long. I love Monday TV! I had the Biggest Loser (Go team Jillian), The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (I want Kyle’s thick beautiful hair), and Vanderpump Rules (So much drama!). It was an awesome night!

Today at lunch I had a shrimp Caesar salad with spinach in there for extra nutrients! So good! I used 2 T of light Caesar dressing and 1 T of shredded parmesan with 2/3 cup of shrimp!

photo (74)

For snacks I had more yogurt, yum and calcium baby! And some almonds!

At lunch I rode the stationary bike for a bit before I did the leg workout I posted here last week! Gotta get strong! Day 2 down! My goal is to do strength training 4 times a week while I am not running so that I can continue the routine when I do to prevent further injuries!

Oh yea… this is how I sat at work all day. Leg propped up on another chair! Elevation! I am going to be healed in no time! Self fulfilling prophecy!!! (ignore the sneaks.. my foot feels best in them so that is what I will wear!)

photo (73)

Have a terrific Tuesday friends!

Question of the day: Don’t be afraid to leave a comment, I want to hear from you! We’re BFF’s right?!

What is your go to strength training routine?


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