Happy Birthday Eve to me!

You got that right! 24 years ago tomorrow this perky little ray of sunshine came into the world! Thanks mom! 🙂 I will save the rest of the celebrations for tomorrow!

First, a recap of last night!

BRINNER. The best. I had one egg and an egg white scrambled with fresh salsa as well as a fried egg on toast for an egg sandwich!

photo (72)

I also had a fun size weight watchers fudgesicle slathered in peanut butter ❤

I know I need to be eating a lot of calcium to get strong bones so last night before spin, I decided to make some chocolate milk. When I got to the fridge I noticed we were out of chocolate syrup… THE HORROR!!!L Anyone that knows me knows that I hate milk with a passion, so much so that I reverted to only using almond milk.

Being the college educated girl that I am I decided to improvise!  I wasn’t going to let the lack of delicious drippy syrup stop me from getting the calcium my body needs!  I quickly got out the chocolate chips and put 2 teaspoons in the bottom of a mug and popped them in the microwave to melt! ( In my mind this was going to be the most awesome/ epic glass of chilly chocolate milk!) When I heard the ding, I ripped it out and grabbed the contained of Almond Breeze and began to pour and stir….

… until I noticed my chocolate chips turned into cement at the bottom of my mug. BLONDE MOMENT. I was embarrassed/too cheap to waste either ingredient so I promptly chugged the milk and gagged 5.7 times and then used a fork to scrape all chocolate remnants out of the mug. Spaz. Please tell me I am not the only dork out there that does these silly things day in and day out. When will I ever learn 😉

Last night I went to the gym because my mom’s favorite teacher had a private training session with her…

photo (80)


OK she may be a little biased, but we were sweaty messes and had a really fun workout together! 45 minutes and puddles of sweat on the floor=success!

After I got home from the gym I propped up my foot and iced for 20 minutes. Dr. Spark took good care of me!

photo (79)

I had the most delicious bowl of hot PB oats this morning in my pretty pink mug from Mexico! So filling and nutritious with chia seeds in there!

photo (78)

My lunch time work out today was 30 minutes on the stationary bike to loosen up. I then did my awesome arm workout that I shared with you guys last week! Day four down of my muscle mission!

Lunch was a treat! I had Carba Nada pasta with marinara and mushrooms! Spinach was in there too for added nutrients! I had some shrimp on the side to get more protein in as well!

photo (77)

Have a great Wednesday night everyone! Don’t forget tomorrow is AAJDAY according to my mom so you all have to have the bestest days ever and have your favorite dinner and smile all day long!!! 🙂

Question of the day:

What is your favorite group exercise class? What makes a good instructor?

-Spin! I need them to have good music, a chipper attitude and make me sweat a gallon!


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