Birthday Recap, Nachos, and Sparky finds some presents!

It is the last Purple Friday of before the SUPERBOWL!

Hi Friends! Yet another weekend is among us! Are you excited?! I sure am!! I can’t wait for 2 days off work, the SUPERBOWL, and more birthday celebrations!! Tonight we have plans to go out to celebrate! I can’t wait! My awesome parents gave me some JACK’s Hard Cider! I can’t wait to celebrate with that!! SO yum!

I had a fabulous birthday! I am a very lucky gal! Everyone made me feel so special throughout the whole night!

I met Mike right after work and he even let me open a present in the car on the way to dinner! YAY I can use my new Ravens tumbler during the game! Yes, I am awesome like that!

photo (89)

We met my family at my favorite hole in the wall Mexican restaurant and started the night off with NACHOS of course and a few coronas! It was only fitting!

photo (88)

For my dinner I got the most delicious shrimp tacos with fresh avocado on top! I came home to a spread of desserts including FUNFETTI CAKE! YESSS!

photo (87)

And that is correct, those are princess plates, napkins, and decorations. I even had Cinderella wrapping paper on my gifts. Yes I am 5.

photo (86)

Uh oh… Sparky dog wanted to help me unwrap some gifts… bad boy… we had a long talk about it after…

photo (85)

….”But Jackie I was just trying to help you get to the presents faster!!!!!!”  How can I be mad at that!?!?!

I started my day with warm oats! I had a Peanut Butter mission today..

photo (84)

…I may or may not have dropped the jar and smashed the lid. I need to use this all before it gets nasty.

photo (82)

Today at lunch I did 45 easy minutes on the elliptical and my foot didn’t hurt at all! Hoping to do this again tomorrow! That is if I survive birthday celebrations tonight!!!  I read my kindle and watched the View. Sometimes I am 5, sometimes I am 65!

photo (83)

My afternoon snack was an apple and peanut butter… gotta use it up! Lunch was a noodle bowl repeat of Wednesday so no pics!

photo (81)

Have a very awesome PURPLE Friday everyone!! GO BIG OR GO HOME!

Question of the day:

What is your favorite drink to celebrate with?

-I’d say diet coke, but I cut myself off cold turkey after the orthopedic told me it strips the calcium from my bones… don’t scare me or anything doc! 🙂


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