Full Circle!

Good evening bloggies!

How was everyone’s Tuesday? Mine had a rough patch but definitely turned around by the end..

This morning since I was off for the Raven’s parade I got up early and went to the gym. I did 50 minutes of the elliptical of hill intervals. I quickly came home, showered, got ready, and ate breakfast in the car!

I went to Mike’s house to meet with him and our friend to head to the light rail station to head down to the city to see the parade! I was thrilled to say the least!!!

…. fast forward to over two hours later still waiting for a lightrail train to come through that would actually let us on. Needless to say, the parade was starting and we were not going to make it. Driving was not an option because parking was limited in the city and roads were already closed….  😦

I was beyond bummed. I was so looking forward to this. But, on the bright side, I did get to see the parade and speeches on TV back at Mike’s house. It just wasn’t the same as seeing and feeling the excitement downtown though. It was so amazing to see something come from all the hard work from the players. They are real people, real athletes that worked their butts off to achieve greatness. It gave me chills to see how proud they were of their accomplishments. UNREAL. So impressive! I am definitely inspired.

Mike and I got chipolte for lunch. I just got the vegeterian burrito bowl and ate about half of it.

photo (103)

After that I came home and met up with my family. My dad and brother had actually gotten into the stadium to see the excitement in person!! My family wanted to cheer me up after the dissappointing turn out today so we went to the mall to check out superbowl shirts.

When we walked into Dicks Sporting Goods my brother noticed an amazing sight. Torrey Smith. No lie. Remember I quoted him yesterday? He has faced so much adversity this season especially after the loss of his brother and yet he found inner strength and pushed through. That is the true sign of a champion and a leader. I sincerely look up to him, his hard work, and his achievements. After we saw where he was I mentioned what had happened today to his fiance and how I would love to get a picture wiht him. Not only did that sweet girl hook me up with a picture, but she helped us go in a back room to talk to him. He is truly the most kind and down to earth person! He was so friendly and happy to see fans, but in the end of the day he still seemed like a normal person!!!

photo (104)

Needless to say, my day went full circle. Thank you Torrey Smith and the Baltimore Ravens. You have been so inspiring and I can’t wait to get out there running again and make some personal achievements!!

Question of the day:

Do you like the elliptical?

-Yes but I prefer to run.


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