Strength, Awesome salad, and Award!

Happy Hump day friends!

This morning I started my day off with a delicious bowl of oats and peanut butter. It was so creamy and filling with the addition of chia seeds!

2.6 002

I worked the morning away and was very busy after being out yesterday!

When lunch time rolled around I biked for 35 minutes and did a leg workout with squats and calf raises. I came back from working out and enjoyed a delicious salad!

2.6 0032.6 004

Yesterday I cooked up some chicken breasts in the crock pot for a few hours so that I could use them for my lunches this week.  Colors on my plate make me so happy!

I was able to use a lot of the food I picked up at the grocery store this week!

photo (108)

I really miss running and as soon as my foot is well again there will be a slew of running posts to get back to Nacho Average Runner. Currently it’s been mostly Nacho Average complainer/biker, ha!!  The bright side is that since I have had less time to run I have been strength training a bunch!

I even did the Shape DVD 10 minutes of arms workout! Tone those shoulders!!

photo (106)photo (107)

Hopefully I will be back to running in about 2 weeks (YAY!!!!!) So let the countdown begin! I have officially not run at all for 2 weeks and I am losing my mind. I miss the burn and sweat and tears and soreness and runner’s high!!!

Today was a very exciting day at work! I got a special award for outstanding achievements!  “It’s a Major Award. I won it!” NAME THAT MOVIE!!! 🙂   ( )

Not that anyone works to get recognition or awards, it is certainly not the best reason to work, but it is a great reminder that if you work hard, people notice! Just do your best every day and good things will come to you! Made me very encouraged!! I can’t wait to use my Barnes and Noble gift card!!

photo (105)

What should I get?! I saw on ( Julie’s blog there is a new book for the PBF Book club. Maybe I will get that!!

What are you all doing on this Wednesday night?

-Catching up on TV (Is Modern Family new?) and hnging out with Mike!!


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