Hi Friends! It is a chilly Thursday in B-More. Is it warm where you are? Tell me, did you run today? I want to hear all about it and live through you!? Pretty please? K. Thanks!

Last night for dinner we went out and got salads and slices of pizza. I forgot to snap a pic… sorry! But imagine one beautiful slice of cheesy carbs covered in beautiful browned mushroom slices, topped with a generous sprinkling of grated parmesan cheese… Is your mouth watering yet?!?!

Today was a rep-EAT day of my food from yesterday! Too good gotta have it twice! I had a delicious warm cup of Vanilla Crème Coffee this morning! It was nice and toasty! I also had a banana with my oatmeal!


I worked the morning away and headed to the gym to do 30 minutes on the bike and this arm workout


(yes, you have seen it before, but this time I increased my reps to 12) boy, was I feeling the burn. I also did all my pushups off my knees in good form! GO me! I really need to do those more!

Lunch was the same salad as yesterday and these snacks throughout the afternoon!


Then this happened….

photo (110)

Once 3:30 hit I hit a wall! I had no energy and I needed some protein to keep me going! So I had a tablespoon of this whipped peanut butter to end the day! Too bad it finished the jar! 😦

…Good thing I ALWAYS have an extra on hand!

photo (109)

Who doesn’t kiss the things they love?!?!

Tonight my mom and I are heading to the gym for a spin session! I have some new music and we are gonna spin our butts off! I have a serious sweat craving! I plan on a solid 45 minutes! Then, we are going to get our favorite dinner….. SUBWAY! I can’t wait!

Anyone know other good leg workouts to strengthen? I have been doing squats, calf raises, and lunges, but I want to do as much as I can to make my legs nice and strong for my first running debut! I am going to focus on my legs again tomorrow and want to introduce some new and challenging moves!

79 days until the half marathon, but who is counting!?!


Question of the day?

What is your favorite leg workout to get them long, lean, and super strong?


Leave a comment :)

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