Once again, I get so excited… I spill things.

TGIF!! Happy Friday peeps!

…Where’d we leave off… ok yes! Last night my mom and I headed to the gym and I led her in a 40 minute spin session! I was so tired after but I needed that sweat dripping workout! We boogied over to Subway right after because these girls were s.t.a.r.v.i.n.g.!!!

I got a 6” turkey on 99 grain honey oat! My favorite. My toppings were spinach, tomato, hots, pickles, and hot sauce! SPICY! so good!


After we ran some top secret valentines errands I came home and iced my poor little foot! I multi-tasked (GO ME) and also read the new Runner’s World Magazine.


In it were some seriously good wokrouts to prevent injuries and make you a better runner. You better believe I did some at lunch today!


This morning I was so excited to try the new K-Cups I got last night! Vanilla Biscotti. I was in such a hurry to get into my warm car and drink it on the way to work that I had a little too much pep in my step and this happened…


…don’t’ worry, I licked it off! Waste not, want not, right?

I had the BEST lunch today. I was getting a little sick of my salads so I decided to give myself a hot dinner plate. On there you will see a small baked potato, a skinny chicken breast, a small garden salad, and a side of green giant (1WW++) cauliflower with cheese sauce. This was so good, satisfying, filling, and nutritious.


Side note… who else reads Carrots n Cake (Tina’s Blog)? I now know that it’s official; Tina and I are meant to be BFFs because she had a whole NACHO RANKING system before she started her current blog, soul sisters! Check out today’s post! 🙂

Like her, that quickly made her waist grow, so we have both come to know how important the things we love like NACHOs are in moderation!!
Happy Friday Friends. Good luck to everyone in New England tonight with the scary winter storm! Stay safe!

I am off to a happy hour with some friends! I can’t wait!! 🙂


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