Once upon a spin

Hi Friends! How was everyone’s Friday night?
We had a lot of fun at happy hour and it led to dinner at Bahama Breeze.
I had some awesome fish tacos! I left very satisfied!
photo (118)

When dinner was winding down I knew it was time to head home. I had a busy day planned!

I came home to this little guy though…

photo (117)How could I resist? A belly rub almost put this sweet little thing right to sleep. He had to keep his eyes peeled to make sure I didn’t stop though!

photo (116)After playing with Spark and catching up with my family, I was out like a light! I had to be up bright and early for the 8 am spin class at my gym!

I got up early this morning to fuel myself for my time at the gym! I had my usual oatmeal and coffee.

photo (115)

There was a new teacher today and seh was awesome. I really liked how her class was focused on spiking the heart rate but still allowing recovery! We even played redlight-greenlight (remember that game as a kid?) with the whole class. We did sprints and climbs for it! Great fun!! Her music was a great mix and it left me looking forward to next Saturday morning!

photo (114)I was pumped from all of the endorphins and glad I finished 60 minutes of spin with NO pain in my foot! Yay! I decided that to celebrate I would do just a little more cross training. The other day on Tina’s blog I found a rowing workout she made. I decided to give it a try today. I have never really used this to cross train on, but it was an awesome workoout!

For time like she said, I completed:

  • 1000 Meters
  • Rest
  • 500 Meters
  • Rest
  • 250 Meters

My back and arms were burning! I made sure to stretch but I am sure I will be feeling sore tomorrow on my rest day!

I came home from the gym following that and decided to stretch out with some yoga!

photo (113)Following 20 good minutes of stretching I decided to get the Shape DVD out and do the 10 minute arms segment! I am so glad I did. I can’t wait for my rest day tomorrow!!

Once I was done exercising, I showered and got ready for the day.

Lunch began with some leftover crabs!

photo (112)In hindsight a shower after this would have made much more sense!! There is no clean way to eat those things!

I did some laundry and housework (while watching the Walking Dead marathon on AMC of course) and then it was time for errands. I had to go to Target and the grocery store becuase I am making a special dinner for Mike tomorrow! I will share the recipe later this week!

On my way home I spotted this at an intersection!

photo (111)He was just enjoying his day and cruising in the breeze!! 🙂

It’s the simple things in life!

Have a great Saturday everyone!! I am heading to Mike’s soon! It is such a pretty day for a drive there!

Question of the day:
Every tried rowing? Is it mainly a cross-fit thing or have I just been missing out?


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