Fat Tuesday… but not really!

Hi Friends, Happy Tuesday! Anyone out there follow lent? I am not very strict, in fact I am not at all, but I try to at least do one thing to make me a better person. This year my goal is to budget more as well as do a no new clothes challenge! I will not buy any clothes for myself from here to Easter! I have plenty and I need to get more creative with my closet! I really want to get better with saving money and I think this will help a lot!

Last night I caught up on some of my favorite TV shows… Real Housewives of BH and Vanderpump Rules. This is a no judgment zone.  I need to catch up on Biggest Loser on Demand tonight so no spoilers please!

I also went up to the gym for a quick sweat session. I did 40 minutes of spin and it kicked my butt! 1 more full week of rest before running! I can’t freakin’ wait! I will definitely be taking it easy and building slowly. I am also planning on running only on the track in the beginning to have a nice surface to keep my feet in good shape!

Breakfast today was a repeat (I know I am so boring) of oatmeal… if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

That held me strong all morning til I went and biked for 30 minutes and did my awesome arms strength routine!

photo (133)

I am loving the muscles that are developing with all the strength training. I need to keep this up when I start running again!

Lunch today consisted of a sweet potato 4 oz. of chicken breast (I used my new food scale) 🙂

photo (132)

I also had a small side salad! My afternoon snack was yogurt and blueberries!

photo (130)

I worked the day away  but I made sure to have a nice hot tea in the afternoon as a treat!

photo (131)

Breaking news! My bestie Brooke sent me a text this afternoon to sign up for a 5k with her!J I almost fell out of my seat! I have wanted to do this race for a while! It is a COLOR RUN!!!


Best friends+Running+Pretty Colors=Happiness! That will be the perfect way to wind down after my Half Marathon 2 weeks before… plus I will already be trained! Bonus!!! Tell me I am not the only weirdo that gets this excited about running with friends?!  🙂

Tonight I am heading over to Gold’s gym to see what it is like… I got a free week trial in the mail and I heard their classes are great!!!

Question of the day:

What is the best race you have ever competed in?


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