Delicious Accident!!

Hiya friends… is it really only Wednesday?!  This week is dragging! 🙂
Last night I came home and made a yummy dinner with stuff I already had in my fridge! Gotta get creative with those leftovers! This was delicious and nutritious! Chicken Pesto Pasta!

I used 3 oz. of baked chicken, Mushrooms, and a few cherry tomatoes as the toppers for my pasta.

2.13 002

I used a package of pesto mix combined with water and 2 tsp. of extra virgin olive oil for the sauce on top of whole grain pasta from the other night!

2.13 001

Side note… am I the only person that can’t properly estimate how much pasta to cook? I always end up with SO many leftovers!

After that digested and I caught up on some blogs, I decided to go check out Gold’s Gym with the free week membership I got in the mail!

I have to say I was a little let down. When I saw the program schedule I realized that the class offerings, while more quantity, were still the same times as the one at my current gym, which is free. I was disappointed. I was looking for classes in the evening to accommodate my work schedule and realized that Monday night their latest spin class is 6:30. Still, I hopped on the elliptical to get in 50 minutes of some cardio training! I sound really bratty, remember this is a no judgment zone though, but I was also disappointed that each machine didn’t have their own TV’s. My current gym does and while the channels are limited, I would rather watch the news or HGTV instead of sports center. Call me crazy 🙂

My deciding factor is tonight when I am going to check out a spin class with my friend Brooke! I have heard the classes are great and I heard right! It was killer! The 10 minute drive and the thought of paying are deterring me. My current gym is a 3 minute drive and free. I think it will be an easy choice. But, I am bummed that I won’t get to get my sweat on with my bestie there! Working out with friends is just the best… that is why we do 5k’s together!

After the gym, I came home and iced my foot because it was a little achy. I sipped hot tea while I relaxed, iced, and checked out the Victoria’s Secret catalog, I lead a tough life! 🙂

photo (136)

My workday began as usual with the normal oats for breakfast.

2.13 003

I did 30 minutes of lifting today at lunch that focused on my legs. I will be strong when I return to running!!!

At lunch I discovered something delicious! I had a repeat lunch, but when I was eating my Green Giant cauliflower in cheese sauce I noticed I dropped a chuck of my chicken in it… well it was a treat! I ended up dunking more in that to liven up the meal! Partayyyy! I promise I am not weird. At. All. I was tired and it was a long day! 🙂

photo (134)

My afternoon snack was greek yogurt and some clementine’s!

photo (135)

Have a super Wednesday night, friends!

Question of the day: What are your Valentine’s Day plans? Single? Dating? Tell me about yourself! 🙂


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