Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, LOVERS!

I hope you are having a fun filled day whether you are single or in a relationship! Remember to tell everyone you love today how much you care about them because life is short!

Did anyone else wake up to snow this morning? It was pretty but, man, Marylander’s do NOT know how to drive in it… gotta love an hour and a half commute to make you wide awake by the time you get to work 🙂

After that ride, of course the day of love started with chocolate…. in the calcium chew form!

photo (142)

My workout today was strictly cardio. I am really sore from yesterday so I did 20 minutes on the bike…

photo (141)

followed by 22 minutes on the elliptical to keep things interesting!

Lunch today was fantastic! I had a salad with a bed of spinach topped with red onions, tomato, buffalo chicken, and fat free ranch! On the side were carrots and orange peppers with garlic hummus for dipping! SO good!

photo (140)

I also had a kasha bar for an afternoon snack-a-roo!

photo (139)

One of my sweet co-workers came around today and gave everyone chocolates… what a sweetie!

photo (137)

What are you doing tonight to celebrate? Mike and I are going to a fancy dinner! I am so excited! I will do a full recap tomorrow! Did you dress for the occasion today… here is another shameless selfy of me… you gotta wear some RED on Valentine’s day! 🙂

photo (138)

Pink is allowed EVERY DAY! 🙂 (PS do NOT look at the tips of my hair, those are not split ends… they are not! And those are so not dark roots… I am trying the ombre look…k? Pinky promise!) 🙂 Besides, I think the fact that my hair is frizzy and I have a red shirt on, not a single person would have noticed I wore my sneakers to the office all day because my foot was hurting… I am sure they thought I was just getting ahead on the spring fashion trends!:)

I got a great Valentine’s gift from my parents this morning, the most exciting part of it was the Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown! I have heard great things about it! I love Jillian and her exercise DVDs so I am really excited to try this out tomorrow! I will let you know how it goes… most of her workouts leave me in tears and sore for weeks… I hope this one is just like it! 🙂

Did you give any Valentine’s? I did to my family, Mike and our friend! I hope they all like them!

 Question of the day: Chocolates, flowers, or other gifts?!


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