Recovery Socks, Rest, and a little relaxation!

Howdy friends!
I hope you have all had great weekends, I sure did!

Since today was my day off from exercise, I made sure I took full advantage.

Couch. TV. Mags. Movies. Snacks. Shower. Couch. Nap. TV. Another movie. So yes…. I am sufficiently relaxed! Thank goodness I was finally able to catch up on important world news…

photo (159)

Good thing I had no plans! 🙂
I had a nice little snack today… anyone remember ants on a log?

photo (162)It makes each bite fun… who doesn’t like fun food!? 🙂

Yesterday, I swung into my favorite running store with a goal in mind. Get compression socks! I have been reading about how awesome they are online and I decided I finally needed to give them a try for myself! After speaking to an employee, he guided me towards the recovery style. If you are like me and think there is just one… we are wrong. There are all different kinds! Socks for performance, recovery, relief, training, claf sleeves, and foot sleeves, so many kinds!

These are the ones I purchased:

photo (158)I have been wearing them around the house all day… how cute is this!?! HA!

photo (161)Anything to make my big debut back into running a little smoother!!!

When I was checking out, I came across this baby:

photo (164)One. That is the cutest race flier E.V.E.R.

Two. It is coming up soon

Three. Annapoilis is just a short drive from me….

I have officially been bitten by the running bug!!!

I really would love to participate in the Race but I definitely need a running buddy…. Mike would probably be frowned upon if I took him since it is a woman’s race series. 😦

If my foot handles the next few weeks well… this is definitely a contender. The race itself will have beautiful sights and I have heard such amazing things about this running series from other bloggers… it is a guaranteed good time. Keep ya posted! 🙂

Anyone watching the Walking Dead tonight? I can’t wait!
I have done one productive thing today… make a crock pot dinner! I found a great recipe online that I am making for Mike and his roommates… don’t tell them but I healthified it a bit. I will see if they notice! 😉

If it turns out well I will certainly share the recipe tomorrow!

I am so ready to get back at it after this relaxing and fun weekend! I am already looking forward to my workout tomorrow! 🙂

Question of the day:
Should I sign up for the 10K?


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