Crockpot meal and LOL-ing over Ellen!

Hi Friends Happy Monday! I hope you all had splendid weekends! Mine topped off wonderfully with the Walking Dead! 🙂

Last night I mentioned I had found a recipe for a comforting crock pot dinner. It turned out really good so I thought I would share the recipe with you all. It is one that I found on Pinterest but changed a little. The recipe serves 8. We had 6 people with lots of leftovers.

Ingredients-es (Ahem, Teresa Giudice…)

  • 4 chicken breasts trimmed and cubed
  • 1 Large vidalia onion chopped into large chunks
  • 2-3 stalks of celery chopped finely (learned from my mistake, I cut them way too big!)
  • 2 cans of 98% fat free cream of mushroom soup
  • 2 boxes of Uncle Ben’s long grain wild rice medley cooked according to package
  • Mushrooms (optional)


  • Spray Pam in large crockpot to prevent sticking
  • Place chicken cubes on bottom and top with salt and pepper
  • Layer veggies on top of chicken
  • Top with cans of soup
  • Cook on for High for 4 hours
  • During last hour cook rice according to package instructions and mix into crockpot mixture.
  • Optional (Have your awesome boyfriend saute some mushrooms to top yours with because apparently 20something guys do not like mushrooms)
  • Eat and Enjoy!

Here are some pics along the way!

photo (163)photo (172)photo (171)photo (170)photo (169)Dinner was great! Comforting and awesome! By lightening the meal with no butter and the fat free soup, it still tasted great and no one noticed a thing! I also amped up the veggies from the original recipe I saw!

Breakfast this morning was…. you guessed it… oatmeal!
photo (168)I worked the morning away at the office before leaving halfway through the day to go to a doctor’s appointment! Just a checkup!

After the appointment I came home to a very excited little guy…

photo (165)He had a serious case of bedhead… he is so used to sleeping the day away!

After cuddling with my pooch for a bit, I decided to make myself lunch before the afternoon got away!

photo (166)Salad with spinach, tomatoes, shredded buffalo chicken 3 oz, and I topped this with fat free ranch.. I also had some strawberries on the side. I also found one of these!
photo (167)Refreshing and delicious!

Once I finished lunch I relaxed and caught up on my favorite blogs for a bit! Then, it was time for the gym!
Today I focused on legs!

I did:
3×12 leg curl on the machine, 3×10 leg extension on the machine, 3×12 calf raises, 3×10 walking lunges. I had planned to do squats but the gym was way too crowded… I didn’t stand a chance!
Following that, I did 60 minutes on the eliptical doing hill intervals. I watched the Ellen show the entire time and! I was probably making such a scene becuase the show today was seriously making me laugh out loud. The time passed so quickly becuase I was so entertained! I have to say… Sophia Grace and Rosie are the CUTEST things ever! I loved when Sophia Grace practiced her American Accent that she uses to play Barbies.. I died! Absolutely precious!

I came home and showered and here I am now! I have a hair cut this evening I have to get to! Have a great Monday night, friends!

Question of the Day:
Do you like watching TV while you exercise?


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