Fire Alarm Freak-out…

Happy Hump day friends!

Today started bright and early with a comforting bowl … errr… container of my usual oats, brown sugar Splenda, and chia seeds!

photo (181)

I make them by cooking 1/3 cup oats and 1/3 cup water in the microwave to give me 2/3 cup cooked oats. After they are cooked to perfection I add in 1tsp each of chia seeds and Splenda Brown Sugar Blend. I make my meals the night before work and simply heat them up in the microwave. When they are heated I add 1Tbsp of nut butter for some staying power!

My mid-day workout was my only workout of the day so I wanted to make sure it was a quality one!

photo (182)

It definitely got my muscles burning. Especially since I made the last 3 strength moves a superset. Basically I would do calf raises, squats, and the plié squats back to back to back and then repeat that sequence 2 more times.  Shorter breaks and pumped up the heart rate!

When I went back to the locker room to shower change and get back to work, I heard the fire alarm go off… I quickly threw on my shirt and shoved the remainder of my belongings into my gym bag and sprinted up to my office… I only fell 3 times up the 5 floors of stairs… not too shabby… but when I realized that back on my floor there was no alarm I looked like a fool. Turns out they were testing the alarm system floor by floor and I didn’t hear them say this is a test. GO. ME. I was so winded and panicked to get my car keys I realized my foot didn’t actually hurt while I was running (In work shoes) up the stairs 2 at a time. BONUS!  Hopefully if it keeps feeling better my training will be back on track!

Clearly after all of this I am obviously the person you want in a crisis or potential emergency situation!!! 🙂  But, at least the Walking Dead has prepared me for the zombie apocalypse!!! HA!

Lunch today was this healthy and yummy egg white omelet.

photo (184)

First pick out your favorite veggies. I chose tomatoes, mushrooms, and spinach. Chop them.

photo (186)

photo (179)

Next, I sautéed them together with some garlic bits in only pam.

photo (180)

Following that step,I removed them from the pan and cooked the egg whites so that I could top them in the veggies. I didn’t want to mix them all in so my omelet wouldn’t be soggy and watery the next day.

I also had some sweet potato fries that were simply chopped and roasted in the oven, I dipped them in some BBQ sauce!

photo (183)

Last night I went to the gym and created a spin playlist that was quick and dirty and did the trick. The following playlist took me about 33 minutes.

Spin Playlist:

Song                                                                                                      Action

Hall of Fame- The Script Warm-up
Carry On- Fun. Seated Climb add a level of tension every min.
Mama’s Broke Heart- Miranda Lambert Intervals-40 sec seated moderate 20 full out sprint, Repeat.
I Drive Your Truck- Lee Brice Standing Climb- Start higher add tension every 45 sec
Two Black Cadillacs- Carrie Underwood 15 sit 15 stand  for 1 min, 30 on 30 off, repeat moderate tension small hill
When I Was Your Man- Bruno Mars Half seated half standing climb, add tension until you can’t sit every 40 seconds.
I Will Wait- Mumford and Sons 25 sec sprints with 35 sec recovery, repeat
My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (light Em Up) – Fall Out Boy Intervals- 30 sec seated, 30 standing double up pace standing, moderate to high tension
Pirate Flag- Kenny Chesney Cool Down

Tonight I am heading to Mikes to hang out! I am a little bummed though… it’s my other man’s birthday today!

photo (185)

He is such a big boy now! Happy 8th birthday buddy! I think he really wanted me to stay home with him all day, give him belly rubs, make him sit for his ‘specials’ (chicken treats), and play bird with him… poor guy! Love ya Spark!!

Question of the day:

Ever have a spaz moment like this where adrenaline kicks in? My heart was pumpin!!!


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