Training Plan Tuesday!

Hi Friends! Hope you have had a great day! Last night I got my hair cut and boy does it feel good to not have split ends anymore! I didn’t end up getting home until after 8 so I had to multi-task! After all, Monday night is TV night! I watched my guilty pleasures as I prepared my meals for the next day!

Anyone else prepare meals in advance? I have tried to make an effort to do it for breakfast and lunch since I graduated college almost 2 years ago. I have found that not only is it budgeting friendly, but it is also fitness friendly. By controlling and knowing what I will be eating the next day it helps me balance my meals and plan ahead.

Speaking of planning… I chose my official training plan for my half marathon that is only 67 days away! I found one online that is a 10 week program and modified it to fit my needs… especially since I will only have 9 weeks to get back to it. I have decided to start running again on Monday (depending on my foot) so I will be bringing back the Runner part of Nacho Average runner! YAY!

I whipped out my handy dandy planner today and started to plan my workouts. This keeps me accountable and organized and spreads everything out so it seems more doable. I will be starting all my running on the track so that it provides more cushion, especially in the beginning! By Monday, I will have had a full 4.5 weeks of rest on my foot! Hopefully all of my cross training during this period has kept up my endurance and my strength training will bring me back with power! I am going to make a point to not push myself as hard as I did when I was training before. Especially since I need to remember that I am training for the race… each run is not a race. I need to be less competitive with myself and slow down my overall pace to prevent future injuries until I am better trained.

Ok back to the eats! Today my breakfast was my usual oatmeal and PB… no pic… I am sure you are sick of seeing it, but I am so not sick of eating it! Lunch today was this baby!

photo (178)

I got inspiration from my lunch on Saturday and had to improvise since the only thing I had was a microwave. Arnold Sandwich thin, lots of fresh spinach, ½ a fresh tomato sliced, and one slice of fat free American cheese microwaved to perfection! It needed a little S&P but otherwise was great! On the side I had some special K chips.

For calcium today I had yogurt and berries!

photo (176)

I snacked on carrots and hummus this afternoon as well as a tablespoon of almonds!

photo (173)

I started to get really cold this afternoon so I also had a spot of tea (yes in a British accent), I really hope I am not coming down with a cold!!!

photo (177)

Tonight I had dinner with one of my best girlfriends! We went to my favorite little restaurant and chatted it up! It is always great to have some quality girl time! She is planning her wedding so we had so much fun chatting about it!! I enjoyed a salad with some grilled chicken for dinner. Deeelish!

photo (174)

Tonight I am going to go do about 35 minutes of self-inflicted-spinning! I need to get my heart rate up and get into cardio mode! At lunch today I lifted arms and shoulders. I really am starting to notice all the weight training side effects on my body. My arms and upper body are starting to show (slight) tone! Yippee! I just gotta keep this up and keep pushing myself! To think I went from barely doing 20 pushups on my knees to 36 full out pushups! Go me!!

Have a great night everyone!


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