Salad and no soup!

Hey everyone! I am so happy it’s Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday which means then it is the weekend! Yippee!!

Last night Mike and I just couldn’t figure out what we wanted for dinner… neither of us were particularly hungry so we kept thinking of carryout options… when we found out Mike’s brother was about to go shopping we tagged along thinking we would just make a dinner! That was such an adventure… I am telling you… if you ever need a laugh- go to the grocery store with 3 20-something men, watch how they shop, what they buy, and watch them race around the store like Super Mario Racers! Priceless.

We ended up getting the salad bar which was pretty good! I loved my raspberry vinaigrette dressing! It sweetened up the whole thing! I loaded in the veggies for lots of nutrients and topped it with some garbanzo beans and sunflower seeds for the texture!!

2.21.13 002

Next, we (MIKE) made chicken breasts for the 2 of us. He pan seared them in spices and then baked them until they cooked through!

2.21.13 005

He also made some pasta and we topped it with marinara… we are creatures of habit, and I love marinara so I was in heaven!

2.21.13 0032.21.13 006

At the store I picked up this Grapefruit Ice drink. I saved it for work today and oh my goodness, was it good! I enjoyed every last sip! I will definitely be getting more of those in the future!

2.21.13 001

My workout today was new!!! I know you all are probably sick of my elliptical stories… but today I did 35 minutes of hills! SHOCKER! I also did the below workout modified from one of the weight routines I found on Carrots N’ Cake!

photo (189)

New muscles burning, new moves, kept me entertained, success!

When I came back up to my desk… I was so looking forward to this delicious new can of soup!

photo (188)

… Until I realized its not a pop off top. WAHHHHHHHHH! There went my lunch! After moaping for a bit… I remembered I had some leftover sweet potato sticks from my lunch yesterday as well as a yogurt I bought! I also managed to find some pretzels in my desk and I dipped them in peanut butter for protein and healthy fats. It was quite a random meal but it kept me pretty full and satisfied during the afternoon!

photo (187)

Tonight I am just going to run to the gym for a but to get my cardio on! I am going to do about 40 minutes of spin….

…. BECAUSE… mi madre and I are going to the movies! We are going to see Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks! I loved the book! I heard the movie is really good too! I love love and after some hectic workdays a good love story that makes you smile is just the trick! Not to mention some quality girl time and candy with your awesome mamma!! I am really excited (as if you can’t tell!)!!

See you all tomorrow; I hope you have an amazing night!

Question of the day:

What was the last movie you saw? Did you like it?

For movie candy- sweet or salty? -Saltyyyyy!


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