Almond Joy Oats and Lets talk Chia!!

Good afternoon bloggies! I hope you have had a relaxing and productive Saturday!!

I got up bright and early this morning for my favorite spin class! I knew I wanted a good cardio workout today so oats would hold me over!

This morning I prepared my version of almond joy oatmeal! I also started my meal with a banana to prevent cramping at spin!
photo (201)

First I made my oatmeal, i made 2/3 cup cooked. I then topped it with 2 T coconut, 2 tsp mini chocolate chips, and 5 crushed almonds.

photo (202)It was delicious, but I have to say, it really didn’t keep me very full… perhaps it was missing nut butter? I always add that to my oats. But, I also realized that I failed to add chia seeds!

photo (198)

I started adding chia seeds to my oatmeal and yogurt about 4 months ago when I saw them being used on other blogs. Not knowing much about them, I researched them online and decided to give them a try! I have to say not only do the amazing nutrition facts make me happy about what I am putting in my body, but the feeling I get from eating them make my belly happy!

photo (197)

I have certainly noticed from eating chia seeds in my morning meals, I start my day feeling full, satisfied, and strong all morning long! In one serving of chia seeds, (the recommendation is 1T but i only ever use 1tsp, because of taste preferences) there is only 3 g of fat and 5 carbs. However, there is an amazing 5 g of fiber and 3 g of protein!! I think the fiber and protein are the keys to the kingdom in this superfood! These babies are also a great source of Omega 3’s and antioxidants!! Those Aztecs were smart! This really supplements any food and enhances the nutrition! I have to say, my smaller serving really adds no taste to what I eat, yet with the 20 calories, I gain so many benefits from the nutritional powerhouse that these are!Β  I am hooked. I will definitely remember to add them next time I make the recipe so that I stay fuller longer!

Now that I have fully rambled…. let’s get back to today!

Like I said, I did my favorite 50 minute spin class this morning. Today the teacher focused on intervals. 30-20-10. KILLER! In every minute, for every climb or sprint, we did 30 seconds moderate, 20 harder, and 10 full out! During hills we increased our tension, but during sprints we controlled and increased our RPMs! I really got a good workout from this class!

Following spin, I did 30 minutes on the elliptical watching HGTV to keep up my cardiovascular endurance!

I came home and refuled with chocolate milk!!

photo (196)After weeping and watching Stepmom resting my foot, my cute momma and I hit the road to run some errands! We went to so many stores to get so many things! It was really hard not looking to buy all the cute spring clothes in Kohls! But, I had a mission in mind, my boss is having a baby so I needed to get a gift! Baby clothes are so cute! Mission accomplished!

We took a break mid errands to grab a delicious lunch at Panera Bread! I got my favorite you pick two combo! Black Bean soup, grilled chicken caesar salad, and a wholel grain baguette on the side.

photo (200)Scrundiddilyumptious!

Our last stop of the day was to the grocery store becasue I had to get the ingredients for what I am making Mike for dinner tonight! As we were walking out, I saw this sweet picture, it broke my heart! If you live in the area and see this puppy please call the owner!!
photo (199)I made sure I came home and gave Spark some love since he is home safely with me! This has been a great day for movies, while I was showeing and getting ready Hope Floats was on. How am I ever going to get anything done this afternoon! πŸ˜‰

I hope you all have FAB Saturday nights! Be safe, be happy, be healthy, and have some fun!


Question of the day:
Do you like chia seeds? Did you run today?


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