Candy and a Movie!!

TGIF Party people!
I hope you had a fabulous week and are as excited for the weekend as I am!

Last night after I ate dinner, I decided to get to the gym quickly for a quick spin session! I did 40 minutes and it was great!!

photo (191)

Good thing I did spin because when these 2 girls get together lots of fun ensues! Last night, my mom and I swung by 5 Below to stock up on candy before we went to the movies! All candy was $0.89! Can’t beat that! We decided to stock up on such a good deal!

photo (193)

Don’t worry! We didn’t eat all of it, just a lot, you only live once right! The coconut M&Ms were awesome! I wish I could find them all the time, but it is probably better that I don’t! HA! I felt like this aisle would have been heaven for Janae!!

photo (192)

After candy central we got to the movies just in time for our previews to start! Boy, were some of them funny! There is a movie coming out with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy called The Heat. Watch the trailer now… you won’t regret it! I was belly laughing!!! I can’t wait to go see that one!!

Safe Haven was the feature presentation and oh man… if you are in search of a lovey dovey film GO SEE THIS ASAP! I loved the love story! Also, since I read the book I thought it was a good representation of it! I laughed, I cried, I loved it! I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing it again! 🙂

After the movie, I wiped the dripping mascara off my chin and came home to prep my meals for the next day and got to bed early!
Today for breaky I had my usual oats! My workout today was also the same as Wednesday! Gotta get the legs strong for my running return!

Lunch today was the soup I never got to eat yesterday… it was just ok though! I also had the Glutino pretzels that I loved and a greek yogurt!

photo (194)

I worked the rest of the day.. boring. I know!

Tonight I picked up dinner for me and Mike, he is sick so a comforting meal should definitely help! I got his absolutel favorite deep dish pizza. I also got myself a healthy garden salad… moderation at it’s finest. I had one slice of pizza. No meat, its Friday!

photo (190)After we finished eating we went to my absolute favorite store to pick up his medicine!!! I only begged for the Flamingo Pink Kitchenaid Mixer 2x… that is really good.. Mike now you have seen which one I really want! 🙂
photo (195)

I am so happy it is the weekend! I want a quiet and relaxing one! My mom’s birthday is coming up and I need to get her present tomorrow! Isn’t she the cutest! I hope she likes what I am planning!!!

What are you doing this weekend?
I have a feeling some yoga, spinning, and a Sunday rest day are in my future! Are you running? Tell me every detail!!!


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