Lots of sleep and an update!!

Hey guys!!

I hope you are having a magnificent Monday and it is setting a great tone for your week! Mine sure has!  I got another great night’s sleep last night 9 hours… holy guacamole! I am going to be rearing to go all week!

Running Update:

My foot feels GREAT today and I even passed the Jump Test with no pain. Jump 3-5 times on injured foot to see if it hurts while jumping or after. No and no! Although I am really tempted to get out and run today I want a few more days with no pain at all. Currently Wednesday is my goal day to start! Mike is going to take me to his High School track so that we can run together on an even surface! Having a running buddy is the best! Plus he will make sure I warm up, cool down, and stretch properly!  I am going to go SLOW!!! I can’t freaking wait!!

Plus, I read online a lot today that post stress fracture it is common to be sensitive to the area and notice a twinge after you heal. I have not had any real pain for over a week and think I have been oversensitive to the twinges and waiting for something to go wrong. In either case, I am listening to my body and giving myself more time to fully recover!! See…. I am getting smarter!

Today started off with caramel drizzle coffee and a perfectly under ripe banana! Anyone else love when they are still a little green?!

When I got to work I had my usual oatmeal! For a snack pre-workout, I had a tablespoon of almonds!

photo (210)

During lunch I lightly did the elliptical to loosen up before starting my strength training. I focused on arms and upper body today. I really need to start doing more core work!  Yikes. Side note, I forgot socks today. I hope I am not covered in blisters on every single toe tomorrow!!!

Lunch today was leftover salad from Friday night. It had seen better days, but I made sure to get in some lean protein with tuna (mixed with 1T of light mayo) and some carbs in the form of a multigrain sandwich thin.

photo (209)

My afternoon snack consisted of this new flavor of greek yogurt, yes I am going to the store to stock up tonight, and some fresh blackberries!

photo (208)

I worked the afternoon away and checked the fitness classes at the gym. I am way too tempted to run today so I will be doing yoga tonight and immediately after heading to the spin room solo so that I can really pump up my heart rate and get in some quality cardio!

Tonight is my TV night! Who else is going to watch anything good? I still need to catch up on the Biggest Loser from last week so maybe that will be tomorrow.  ANDDDD… I went to bed too early last night to see the Walking Dead. But I am hoping to watch it with Mike later this week since we DVR’ed it! Don’t you just hate when real life gets in the way of your TV obsessions? HA!

Tonight is strictly a Bravo night- BH Housewives AND Vanderpump Rules season finale. I am going to get so much smarter from these shows. Quality television people. 😉

Question of the day:

Do you like running on the track? What do you do for entertainment on it?


4 thoughts on “Lots of sleep and an update!!

    • The pineapple is awesome! Better than just the tropical flavor!

      Yea I am not really a fan of the repetitive track but I am just so excited to get back out running again!

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