Healthified “fried rice”

Hey guys! Hope your Tuesday has been good! Mine was stressful at work but a nice spin session tonight should relieve that! Last night’s dinner was healthy and satisfying! Brinner!  Veggie egg white omelet on the side of an egg white egg sandwich on a multigrain English muffin! The garlic hummus on the muffin stole the show!

photo (207)

I followed up dinner with 30 killer minutes of spin and my Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown DVD. I need to get in the habit of doing yoga 1-2x per week especially when I am running again regularly. I think I am going to do it Friday again for sure!

My mid-day work out consisted on 25 minutes on the bike to loosen up and this leg work out! I was really workin today!!

photo (213)

My late lunch today was a very special treat!!!

I made Quinoa Shrimp “Fried Rice”

This was a super easy recipe that I modified from one I found at

photo (212)

All I did was make the quinoa by adding 1 cup of it to 1.25 cups of boiling water. I turned it down to simmer and let all the liquid soak in while covered. I eventually added another 1/3 cup of water to get it to my desired consistency. While this was cooking I sautéed some mixed veggies in a pan with Pam and salt.  For the shrimp, all I did was peel a pack of precooked shrimp from my grocery store.

My measurements for each serving were ½ cup quinoa cooked, ¼ cup mixed veggies, ½ cup shrimp, and about 1-2T of low sodium soy sauce. This made a terrific and filling lunch that carried me through the hectic afternoon! This made 3 lunches for this week… easy peasy!!!!!

The most perfect pear just took the cake today though! This was juicy and perfectly sweet to wrap up my lunch!

photo (214)

I had snacks through the day of a Kashi Bar and a greek (pineapple!!!) yogurt.

Tonight is my last night of spin before running tomorrow! I can’t even begin to explain how happy I am!! I have been plowing through My Kara Goucher Running for Women book! I want to be the best runner I can! That means being informed and strong!! I am more than halfway done and I hope to read some more tonight!

Also I need to go to Target tonight to get stuff to make something sweet for a colleague’s last day this week… ideas… I am thinking Funfetti!!! (Funfetti is always my favorite!) Plus I want to make some cupcakes for Mike’s office! With Tax Season here, I thought it would be fun to give them a treat!

PS- I just have to say… seeing comments on here really make my day 🙂 Thanks for them! I want to get to know you guys! We’re all BFF’s right!

Question of the day: What is your favorite cake or cupcake?


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