Hi guys! WOHA! Can you believe it is Thursday! It has been one busy day!

Let’s recap last night, shall we?

After my run yesterday I made sure to foam roll. This definitely helped today since I haven’t run in 5 weeks and don’t really feel that sore at all! I love getting the lactic acid outta there!!

On my way to Mike’s last night I stopped by my favorite local running store to pick up some compression socks for performance. I got these in white with the help of a sales clerk.

photo (219)

He said these would help support my feet (!!) during running and especially give me more of an edge while I am returning from running after my stress fracture.  I am going to try them today on my track run and I will do a full recap after I get a better feel for them!

When I finally got to Mike’s he had all the ingredients ready to make delicious salads and even some leftovers to include. My salad was a nice mix of spring mix, grilled chicken, grilled asparagus, and a few chunks of a baked potato (about 2 oz). I topped this with a little bit of ranch.

photo (221)

After dinner I had a snack size Twix for some sweetness before we sat down to a TV marathon! We first caught up on this week’s episode of the Walking Dead… and then we rented Argo on demand. Such a great movie. I definitely recommend it. I laughed and I was held in some really good suspense!!!!

This morning I made myself a nice hot cup of coffee for the road… mmmmmm!

photo (220)

Work was hectic today but I managed to eat my usual bowl of oatmeal! For lunch we took out a colleague who starts a new job next week to a pizza place. I had one slice of cheese and a garden salad… sorry for no pics. I was busy networkin!!

I did however manage to snap a pic for you of my journal today of myfitnesspal. Still on track and doing well.

photo (218)I am sorry, for some reason it won’t let me rotate the picture… but you get the idea!!

Speaking of tracks… I am not heading to the track today. After a lot of thought and evaluation I think it is better to do the elliptical tonight and give my foot a rest. I am also going to do my Shape DVD 10 minute legs special! Time is running away from me today so I have to be efficient!! Have a great night my friends!!!

Question of the day? How do you get it all done on busy days?


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