Cookies & Dips!

Hi guys!! Happy Friday! Hope you are starting your weekend off with a bang!

I am ready to start my Mom’s birthday celebrations tonight with some family friends! Good food, good friends, good times!! I feel some ciders in my future!!

Last night to switch it up a bit, I did my Shape DVD 10 minutes of legs workout… you go Gunnar! I was feelin the burn today! Curtsy squats are tough business!!

photo (229)

While I was squatting, lunching and dying, I baked some cookies for a girl at work! It’s a family recipe…ha! At least they turned out good!!!

photo (225)

I may or may not have had a few too many spoons of cookie dough!!

I followed up the DVD with 45 minutes of hill inclines on the elliptical while catching up on news (Entertainment Tonight)….

photo (228)

I came home and iced my foot! I finally wised up… this actually holds the ice in place of the initial fracture… only took me 5.5 weeks to figure that out… I must have gotten a quality college education! HA!

photo (227)

This morning started out with oatmeal as usual! I also had a repeat of my quinoa fried rice for lunch!

I rode the bike and did arms during my lunch hour. I am almost done my Kara Goucher book, I have loved it so far and will do a review when I am finished!!
photo (226)

I was hoping to do my Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown DVD before the guests come over tonight but time has gotten away from me while I was preparing the food!!

photo (223)I may not be able to make a lot…. but what I can make, I make well 🙂

I am continuing to ease into running again… I have a lingering ache that began last night so I don’t think it is necessary to push myself yet. I am planning on doing a spin class in the morning and depending on my foot maybe running a mile or two after that on the track after… I am also getting a MUCH NEEDED pedicure with mi madre tomorrow too!! I am so excited!

I happened to stop by the liquor store on my way home to pick up some party drinks!
photo (224)I saw the Redd’s on a Superbowl commercial and decided to pick up an old favorite in the Woodchuck just in case the Redd’s was a flop! 🙂

Off to do some birthday celebrating with my family!! Have a fun Friday everyone!

Question of the day:
What is your favorite type of party food?

-Dip. Hands down. Any dip! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Cookies & Dips!

  1. Kara Goucher’s book is my FAVORITE running book so far. It is full of great information for runners of all ability levels. I need to get some exercise DVD’s because I currently just run. My body is so used to it that somehow I’m getting flab in weird spots, so clearly I need to mix it up a bit!

    Hope you are able to continue to run without pain. Very smart to ease in!

    • Yea I only have a few pages left! I flew through it! Great running advice!!!

      Thanks I made sure I have been limiting myself on my runs because I would be really upset if I injure myself in the mean time plus my race is just around the corner!

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