Saturday sleep in and a run!

Well…. the party went late last night and Spin just wasnt happening this morning! The good news is that the Redd’s ciders were delicious!!!

I got a late start but  began my day with a hot cup of coffee and a satisfying bowl of honey bunches of oats in almond milk!

photo (234)After that delicious breakdast I relaxed for a bit and went up to the local track for a slow and easy 2 mile run. I made sure to stretch well andgo SLOW!

photo (233)I felt good after the 2 mile run but decided not to push it any further. I am going to increase my mileage next week. I went to my gym after my run for some more cardio, but no impact this time. I only did the elliptical for 30 minutes. I was sweaty and workin hard!

After all the stress my feet have been under for the past few weeks, it seemed only fair to treat them to a pedicure!!!

photo (231)I got the top of the line treatment to pamper my paws and relax a bit! It was quite a treat! What a way to get back into running!

While waiting for my nails to dry, I finished Running for Women! Loved it… review coming this week!!

My mom and I went to Subway for a quick lunch after the pampering! I got myself a 6″ turkey with loads of veggies and hot sauce! Lays Light chips and a water on the side!
photo (230)Errands ensued for the rest of the afternoon! Busy busy! Good thing I got some extra sleep! 🙂
When I got home, this little guy just needed some attention and loving!

photo (232)I have to hurry and pack and get out the door. Tonight we are going out to dinner with Mike’s family at a great seafood restaurant! I am excited! I have heard wonderful things about it!

I have to say, my run today was a great confidence booster! So far so good! I feel confident at this point that I will be able to run again on Monday after work on the track! I am already looking forward to it!!

What are you all doing tonight?

Question of the day:
Like getting pedicures? They always tickle soooo much! 🙂


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