Pancakes, a Rest day, and so many salads!

Happy Sunday blog friends! I hope you’ve had a very relaxing day!
Let’s recap last night’s dinner, shall we?

We went to dinner at a local seafood restaurant last night with Mike’s family! I had a delicious meal! For my entree I had the California Crab salad. This salad was a bed of spring mix with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado slices, and lump crab meat on top! The salad was served wtih a cilantro lime vinegarette dressing that luckily I ordered on the side… a little went a long way and it was very strong!! I also had a cup of crab soup! Yum!

We came home and just relaxed on the couch! It was a quiet night!

Today started with Pancakes!!

photo (237)I enjoyed my morning cup-o-joe while Mike was slaving away over the cook top making us pancakes! He is the best!! ๐Ÿ™‚
We had chocolate chip pancakes for a splurge!

I cut my pancake in half and topped half with PB and half with syrup the old fashioned way!
photo (238)Don’t act like you don’t separate your food too! Nothing must touch! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Mike played in a lacrosee game mid day so we made an easy lunch of grilled cheese’s on wheat bread before he left. I knew I definitely needed some nutrients in there besides this carbfest day so I enjoyed a simple salad on the side!
photo (236)So satisfying!

While Mike went to his game, I sipped on a Snapple and watched Breaking Dawn part 2!

photo (235)It was a very productive Rest day for me! I already feel so rejuvinated and ready to run 3 miles tomorrow on the track. My 2 mile run yesterday went well and I am not sore at all thanks to some good stretching! Today I feel really good! I have been reading a lot of health and running magazines that make me want to go out and run my heart out! So many inspiring stories!

Right now we are deciding on a movie to watch tonight!

Any suggestions??


2 thoughts on “Pancakes, a Rest day, and so many salads!

  1. I love putting peanut butter or almond butter on my pancakes. Topping them with pumpkin butter is seriously delicious, too! And of course, you cannot go wrong with the classic maple syrup. How tasty :).

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