Kara Goucher’s Running for Women Book Review

Hi Friends! Happy Monday! I hope you’re setting a great tone for this week!

After a weekend of some not so hot eats…ahem pizza 2x this weekend, pancakes, and froyo… I woke up feeling boated and just kind of blah! It happens! No one is perfect!

I can’t change what I ate or did in the past but I certainly knew I could start fresh today with some healthful feel good foods! Today started with my classic oatmeal with nut butter when I got to work. Always satisfying and always filling.

photo (239)

I planned my meals well and had a cup of carba nada pasta with a half of a cup of marinara sauce for lunch. I also had greek yogurt and a juicy pear!

During lunch today I did 25 minutes on the stationary bike to loosen up before getting my leg strength on!! I did about 20 minutes of good hard weights and strength training before calling it quits. I am going to the track tonight to do my 3 mile run! 8 weeks to go!

Now… without further ado… my recap and review of Kara Goucher’s Running for Women!

photo (240)

Overall, I really loved this book! It was a quick read for me and as a person who loves running I wanted to soak up any knowledge from her that I could! Kara is an inspiring woman, runner, wife and mother that does it all! She admitted that it does take a lot of learning and prioritizing but it is possible! While I am in no means an elite athlete like Kara, I found a lot of her stories and life lessons very relatable and she was very likeable.

This book was an easy read. The bullet points, chapter breakdowns, and questions for Kara that were disbursed throughout the whole book made this an informal page turner. In fact, I think everything including training plans were well described and a lot of running jargon was well simplified so that even the most basic beginners would be able to understand completely. I do think however that this could have been a little better if there were more advice for intermediate runners. I found a lot for beginners and repeat marathoners. But, it is her book and it is our job to learn through experience.

It was refreshing to know that Kara was honest with her struggles as well. She has dealt with a plethora of running related injuries and battled with self-doubt that I think anyone faces at one point or another! This wasn’t all butterflies and rainbows but rather a real account of this elite runner’s journey to be her best!

I definitely recommend this book to anyone considering starting to run, thinking about signing up for their first race, or other elite runners going back for their 15th marathon. I would like to think I fit somewhere in the middle as I have been running since I was 14 for both fitness and to train for athletics. Now that I am no longer training for an upcoming sport season (even though I miss college field hockey) I have found an undying love for running. It is something I love, something that relaxes me, and something that challenges me still after 10 years of running. Running is not easy for anyone and that is a point Kara emphasizes in the book. Even saying that, it is still possible to love and have a passion for it! After reading this, if running still isn’t your thing, I think this book with inspire and help others find strength and hope to know that they can find something they love and work towards becoming great in it. That could be baking, cycling, coaching, you name it. You don’t have to be competitive; you just have to love it.

A few of my favorite parts of the book:

  • ·        Have your own key word or mantra to keep you going
  • ·        Seek happiness in your running
  • ·        The strength program laid out for runners
  • ·        Pre-race and Race day food suggestions
  • ·        Nutrition advice

Source(Kara Goucher’s Running for Women by Kara Goucher with Adam Bean copyright 2011)

And so much more… if you are in need of an inspiring and informative read check out this book! You won’t regret it!

Question of the day:

What is your favorite running or sports book?


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