A really good idea from Jillian…

Hi Friends! Last night we had an awesome snow day dinner! Spaghetti with mushrooms and whole wheat spaghetti! On the side I had a nice fresh salad!

photo (251)

I spent the rest of my awesome snow day in front of the TV and organizing with my mom… who am I with all the organization!?!

Breakfast today was my usual filling oats! My lunch was also a repeat of Tuesday!

photo (249)

Normally you would think I would get bored of having the same things a lot but I really don’t! I am a creature of habit and love routine! … Which is why I hopped right out of bed to get to work on time today… in either case.. I find that not only is it the habits that I like but making a large portion of my lunch foods once in the week makes the rest of the days a breeze for me. I always make my meals ahead and pack my food to make healthy options and save some moolah, but I have also found that cooking it all up on one night saves me time on the other nights because my lunch is already made, portioned, and in the fridge ready to be bagged!

Aren’t I so smart… haha!!! Anywho… My midday workout today consisted of 25 minutes on the elliptical to loosen up and get my blood flowing! I was reading Jillian Michael’s Slim for Life last night and bookmarked (Hope I did It right, that whole process is what I love about real books, easy notes to access) some blatantly obvious information…

photo (250)

Using more than one muscle group works your body harder and makes you stronger. DUH.

I have done many of Jillian’s DVDs that are in circuit formats and know they work and show you results… however when I strength train on my own, I notice that results are slower to come by… after reading some of her passages on strength training (below) I decided to mock up a workout….

For my workout today I decided to do a lot of combo lifts for my upper body and do it in a circuit style. 3x through the cycle with 30 seconds of rest between each set.

  • ·        10 Jumping Jacks
  • ·        12 Pushups
  • ·        10 Squats with shoulder press (I used 8lb weights)
  • ·        10 1 Leg bicep curls… switching leg at 5
  • ·        10 1 Leg shoulder raises, but side and front and switch leg at 5 (5lb weights)
  • ·        10 Bench triceps dips

I really liked the workout and even though I used a lighter weight, I still found my muscles really fatigued. I also had some time to spare so I followed this with a super set 3x of skull crushers and chest press. I really need to start planning a variety of fun and changing strength workouts in advance like she does so that I don’t get used to them and keep seeing the progress. I want to be strong! No bulk here.. you can do it too ladies… muscle weighs more than fat so you look leaner and I promise, you will not look like a dude!

Tonight Mike and I are going for a 3 mile run together and I am just a little excitedJ I can’t wait to go see him after work and run like the wind…ish. Hopefully it won’t be too cold. All this crazy Baltimore weather makes me so ready for spring and warm running weather to be here!

Question of the day:

What is your favorite temperature to run in?

Mine would have to be 60-70!


6 thoughts on “A really good idea from Jillian…

  1. I think my favorite temp to run in would be mid to high 50s. Where I’m slightly chilly at the beginning but its cool enough to I dont get too hot DURING the run =) That salad (next to your spaghetti looks super yummy! Have fun on your run! Hubby has run with me a few times (and will be running a full with me this May!!) and I LOVE it =)

    • Thanks!! Couldn’t agree more with the temps!! That’s adorable your husband is doing that too! Mike doing the half with me is just extra motivation for us both to push each other!! Good luck with your training!

      • He’s run a 5K with me and gone on a 10 mile run with me (all back in 2010) but we havent run together since then! He’s been a (really good!) soccer player all his life so he’s got some natural athletic talent but he LOATHES running. So him signing up for 26.2 with me a TRUE testament of his love =)

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