A run with my favorite running buddy!

Last night after work I headed to Mike’s so we could get out run on! Yes there is a foot height difference between us and he is very speedy but he was very sweet and decided to run with me the whole time to help me pace and keep me motivated. He is the best.

We ran 3 miles in Mike’s area last night and finished in 25:15 with an 8:25 average. My splits were as follows:

Mile 1 8:18

Mile 2 8:44 (SERIOUS Slight HILLS on this mile, I am just out of shape 😉 )

Mile 3 8:14

Mike finished strong with a great sprint at the end. He had a lot more energy and can easily do 7 minute miles.. .me… not so much. I am just happy to be back running with my favorite person in the world! He makes me a much better runner!

This run reminded me that I need to start to incorporate more hills into my training, the stronger I get… so I don’t get used to only running flat. I need to train my body so that I am prepared well! Plus my calves hurt something awful today!

After running and showering Mike and I went to Panera to refuel with a healthy dinner. I had the you pick 2 option and got my usual black bean soup with a chicken Caesar salad.

photo (255)

So good!!

After dinner we had to catch up on all of our favorite shows from the week! Serious intellectual activity happened while watching the Walking Dead and the Following from this past week. Thank God for DVR.

Today I started out with Oats, a banana and coffee. Shocker!!

photo (254)

I was working this morning and Mike sent me the cutest picture I have ever seen…

photo (1)

Obviously, he knows I love anything and everything puppy.

Lunch today was tuna on a bed of fresh spinach!

photo (253)

I also had some glutino pretzels dipped into my homemade salsa that was leftover! Every Friday should be dip Friday!

photo (252)

Today was my cross training day. I did 45 minutes on the elliptical and I took a break from strength training!

Tonight is no meat Friday so I am making my family Shrimp Tacos for dinner!! It is going to be so good!

Tomorrow is my “long” 5 mile run! I am going to take it nice and slow and easy with Mike!!!!  I am also considering a spin class in the morning just to focus on my cardio training! If I decide to sleep in, so be it! 🙂

Question of the day:

Do you like to run with people or by yourself?

Usually myself… but I love running with Mike… double motivation…. plus I gotta impress him right!?!


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