Spring Has Sprung!

How was everyone’s weekend??

Last night we went to a surprise party for my best friend’s birthday! We had a blast and I hope she had the best birthday ever!!!

Today was a busy whirlwind!

First a recap of today’s eats… today was my rest day and I took full advantage!

Breakfast was made courtesy of Mike!!

002Whole grain english muffin with a slice of fat free american cheese and a dippy egg… side of coffee…. perfect morning meal!!

Lunch today was a grilled cheese with a side of marinara…

photo (263)We had a very busy day so nothing too exciting here!

Dinner was courtesy of Ledo’s Pizza! I had a garden salad with lite balsamic and a few of those delicious squares!

photo (261)And to wind up the beautiful day… we ended up in Annapolis this evening… Mike had a lacrosse game and I wandered around the beautiful fields…

photo (262)

Oh yea.. the fields were right on the water 🙂

Spring has sprung and it was a beautiful day in Maryland! I loved being about to be outside for most of the day and watch Mike’s game this evening! Putting my feet in the sand made me yearn for summer…

I just love days like today. Makes you definitely count your blessings!

Have a wonderful night everyone!


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