Orange you happy I am so funny?

Hahah.. I know I crack myself up… Sometimes people just can’t get over how absolutely clever I am (SARCASM) 😉

Last night for dinner I had Kashi Pizza… Mushroom trio and spinach to be exact. I also had a salad of spring mix  and cherry tomatoes… yes I did find another clover in there….


This pizza is so great! I love how fast they cook up (10 min)!! and the crust was the perfect texture! I didn’t overfill myself but was completely satisfied. Learn Jackie… learn. My only complaint is the lack of actual spinach and mushrooms on the pizza… next time I will add more.. I love toppings.

I had the most delicious and juicy orange for something sweet!

photo (278)

Last night for my cross training I headed to the gym and did a 50 minute spin sesh and I had the room all to myself, it was glorious!I got some new songs on my iPod and I really loved doing intervals. A song that I am really loving right now is Gone by the Band Perry. Am I the only person on the planet that can push myself while listening to country music?photo (272)

I was dragging by the time my cool down came!

photo (277)

I came home, stretched, iced, and prepared my meals for work. Wild night!

Breakfast today was oatmeal! I upped my portion size to ¾ cup cooked oats to keep me fuller longer..

photo (273)

Today lunch was leftovers that I was really excited about. I had a slice of pizza and some more salad. I had glutino pretzel twists on the side and another ORANGE! A greek yogurt went un-pictured.

photo (274)

Does anyone else have one of these fancy peelers…. does anyone else actually get it to peel their orange? Conspiracy I say! 😉 (Blonde issue you say!?)

photo (275)

Well… no running for me today, I planned on it but after talking to Mike and referring to Kara Goucher (below) I have decided to do another day of no running… I am really bummed and starting to consider if I am even physically capable of this race… 😦  Taking the whole running thing day by day at this point… but in the mean time I will focus on other training forms and strength training so that I can stay fit! Advice?!?!?

Gotta catch up on my shows tonight too! Walking Dead and the Following! Anyone else see them this week?

Question of the day: What is your favorite fruit right now? THESE ORANGES! So good!


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