Healthy Swaps and an Update!!

Hiya! Friends! Happy Thursday!

Last night Mike and I decided to cook up some dinner! He was in the mood for a baconater manly chicken sandwich with special sauce and I wanted something healthy! So… we compromised!

photo (282)

Mike scoping out the bacon… why is it that boys can eat whatever they want?! Whatever!

We both got salads from the salad bar and I decided to center my meal around that! I decided to just have a piece of chicken that he grilled on top of my salad with a baked sweet potato on the side! We both got what we wanted and I was able to make my meal a healthier approach! (He loved his dinner by the way).

photo (281)

My poor peanut butter jar was looking a little low today so I knew there was no way to get a full tablespoon out of there…

photo (279)

PROBLEM SOLVED. I heated my oats up as usual and then dumped them into the jar! Peanut butter in every bite!

Lunch today was still using up my leftovers from the other day! Quinoa “fried rice” with 2 oz of broiled salmon and a salad on the side! Healthy Healthy!!!!

photo (280)

My workout today was legs oriented… ahem… ok booty oriented.

I started with 30 minutes on the elliptical and followed it up with this routine!

3 sets of 10 on each leg Calf Raises

Bridge- lay on ground on back with feet together and knees bent. Raise Hips/Butt to the sky. I also held weights.

Curtsey lunges holding 5 lb weights in each hand.

Back Kick lunges holding 5 lb weights in each hand.

Donkey Kicks- Get on all fours and place a small weight in the gap between hamstring and calf, raise leg at a time holding the weight and raise the bottom of your foot towards the sky.

I better develop buns of steel if I keep this strength training up! 😉

Tonight I am heading to the gym to do more spin! No running today 😦

UPDATE on the Runner part of Nacho Average Runner!!

I made an appointment with a foot specialist tomorrow! Hopefully he will be able to tell me what the discomfort is on my left foot and figure out how to help me run INJURY FREE. I have heard wonderful things about the practice and I can’t wait to be a healthy runner again. I have been running consistently since 8th grade! I don’t know why all of a sudden at 24 years old my body is betraying me! These granny feet better get their act together! I can’t wait to share the news (HOPEFULLY POSITIVE) with you tomorrow at this time. Please send some positive thoughts/vibes/prayers/karma/cookies my way! 😉

Question of the day: What is the last healthy swap you made that was actually satisfying?

My dinner last night sure was!


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