Well, the good news is…

That we at least know what is wrong my my poor feet!

After meeting with the foot specialist today, getting more X-Rays, and a full diagnostic exam, it turns out it was not the number of miles I have been running but the way I have been running (my first doctor was completely WRONG)… long story short my first big toe on both feet is shorter than my other toes. This causes my gait to change and for me to carry all of my weight on the outside of my feet in an uneven manner. Therefore, stress fractures in the 5th Metatarsals. UGH.

For at least the next 10 days or until my next check-up I will be styling this…

photo (284)

Snazzy. I want to bedazzle it.

To say I am bummed, sad, frustrated, etc. is an understatent at this point. Currently the half marathon is out of the question. Not only will I not have enought time to train, but I am not sure how my doctor will allow me to get back into running once I can. He did tell me he would do every thing he could do to help me get back out there which was very reassuring.

I was fitted for custom orthotics while I was there that will soon go into my shoes. He also proscribed that I buy the Brooks Addiction running shoe as it has a very hard and supportive sole. Cute it is not. Functional yes.

photo (283)

I follow directions well and went to the running store (with mascara all over my face) knowing that it will be a while until I am ready to run again. BUT I am positive to know that I will and I will come back stronger than ever. I believe this.

So the half may not happen. There will be more and I can’t wait to do my own. If anything my payment was just a great donation to Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital. I will still have a fun vacation with my best friends.

Enough of my pity party. Sorry! We are BFF’s and I needed to vent and fill you in!

Rewind to yesterday.

Last night I did 40 minutes of spin followed by a Subway dinner!

photo (286)

Turkey on wheat. Simple and fantastic.

Breakfast was the usual and lunch today was another repeat of earlier this week!

photo (285)

While I waited for my appointment I did some arms in the living room! ๐Ÿ™‚

Tomorrow morning I am getting back to my 8 am spin class and will follow up with some weights. Have a really fabulous night friends!

Question of the day:
What made you come back stronger and better than ever after a set back? Motivation?


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