A new fitness challenge!

Hi friends! I hope you all are having super Saturday’s!!

Last night after dinner I had a new treat to end the week with! I had a healthier option to ice cream!

photo (288)

It was pretty good. Next time I will let it sit for a bit because it was a really hard texture.. also it was not a lot for the 100 calories.

I caught up on all my Biggest Loser episodes last night… that show is so inspiring!! I am so proud of the contestants and I cannot wait to see the finale. HARD WORK PAYS OFF!! Go Danni and Jeff!!! So proud!

This morning I started my day will a filling and pretty typical meal!

photo (287)

Oatmeal, banana, coffee. I am simple and I love it!

I needed that for fuel for my morning workout. I wish it was for a long run but that will not be the case for a while!

I went to the gym for my 8 am 50 minute spin class. It was awesome and the teacher switched it up a lot. That class was NOT boring!!

I also saw that there was a CX Works class immediately following spin. The class was only 35 minutes long and focused strictly on the core. Basically it was a butts and guts style class with NO breaks, no impact, lots of squats and lots of planks. I hope I can move tomorrow! If not, it is my rest day and so I will lay on the couch and watch lots of TV! HEHE! πŸ˜‰

My new fitness challenge while I cannot run is simple. Focus on strength while I can’t run. I want to get strong, lean, and powerful. I have gotten into a good strength training habit most days out of the week but I have noticed that I skip ab and core work. It is hard people…. and so that means I avoid it. My goal and challenge to myself is to not stray from any workout that scares me or pushes my body or makes me uncomfortable. Uncomfortable means progress and progress makes me happy!

My challenge to myself is to make it to one of these CX works class a week. It is hard. The trainer has a rockin bod and I know that if I stick with it I will become more comfortable with that part of my body. I will also get STRONGER!

Question of the day:
What is a challenge in fitness that you strive for?


2 thoughts on “A new fitness challenge!

  1. Good for you for getting other work outs in! There have been a handful of times I couldnt run and I almost felt DEPRESSED! It’s amazing how much I MISS it when I cant do it. I have a pretty weak upper body and core so I am trying to strengthen that. Push ups were SO tough for me but I’ve been working on it the last few years. Could not even do ONE ‘real’ push ups back in 2010 and now I can do 4 sets of 25!! Consistency works =)

    • I know I feel the same way! So I am trying to stay positive and focus on what I can do! You go girl push ups are tough! I’ve been working on them too!

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