Cupcakes and a date night!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day friends! I hope you all have safe and fun days! (And may the luck of the Irish be with ya 😉 )

Last night Mike and I had an impromptu date night! Those are the best!!

We went to my favorite Italian restaurant and I got my favorite dish!!

photo (299)

Whole wheat penne covered in marinara and fresh veggies and grilled chicken!! I had my leftovers for lunch today too!

Then we were off to get some FroYo because what date is complete without it?!

photo (298)

I think he was embarassed that it was crowded and I wanted a pic of him 😉

This morning Mike made me a really good breakfast complete with eggs, toast, and homemade breakfast potatoes!!

photo (297)

SO Good!! He is quite the chef!

We had to fuel properly for a big morning of cupcake making! I started making cupcakes last year for Mike’s office in the heat of tax season because every little bit helps! Those people work hard! This year, I made accounting/tax themed cupcakes! Silly, but I think they will get a kick out of them!

Mike handled the mixing…

photo (291)photo (295)While I got the cupcake pans ready!

photo (296)Once they were in place, I filled the holders about 1/2 way full!

photo (294)Once we baked the cupcakes, we prepared the writing icing. This icing even had the lines on the tip so that I could attach  my decorating tips! So convenient!
photo (293)We let the cupcakes cool for a bit then we I iced them!
photo (289)Then the decorating ensued!!!
photo (292)I think they turned out well!! I hope they like them!! Happy Tax-returning! 😉

This afternoon we managed to get outside for a bit too! Mike had a lacrosse game and even though it was my rest day and cold out, I wanted to get outside and watch him play!

photo (290)

He did great and even scored a goal!

Have a great Sunday everyone! 🙂

Question of the day:
What is your favorite dessert to make?


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