So. Sore.

Omg that leg workout made me more sore than college field hockey preseason soreness… I can already feel the muscle definition 😉

Dinner last night was breakfast. I have been on a kick lately!

photo (301)

I had cinnamon life cereal with a side of 2 dippy eggs. Ketchup spilled out of the bottle and I had to throw so much of that deliciousness away… bummer.

After dinner I went and got my spin on for 30 minutes. I had to be home for TV night after all!! I was so torn between Housewives, Dancing with the Stars and the Biggest Loser. DWTS won and I will be watching BL tonight, I have been avoiding the internet today because I want to be surprised! All of this strenuous TV watching occurred while propping up my feet and icing them! Yay…

Today I have been on the breakfast wagon again! Oatmeal for breakfast as usual.. and breakfast for lunch. Brunch. Lunfest?

photo (306)

Anywho… I had scrambled egg whites using ¾ cup of egg beater egg whites only. I sautéed some onions and fresh spinach too so that was a mix in.  On the side I had a cinnamon bagel thin plain.

My afternoon snacks were a yogurt and a naval orange!

Today’s strength training focused on arms and upper body. This workout took me a little over 20 minutes and I know I am going to be feeling it tomorrow!

  • 50 pushups (5 sets of 10 on feet… not knees, go me!)

The rest of these exercises were done in 3 circuits and 3 sets of 10

I played with the weight when I started to sacrifice form.

  • Tricep Dips on Bench
  • Tricep Extensions
  • Overhead Extensions
  • Bicep Curls
  • Hammer Curls
  • Curls to the side
  • Shoulder Raises (Front and Side)
  • Shoulder Press
  • Row

Whowee that was tough! I will be nice and toned for the warm weather approaching though!

Tonight I am going to the CX works class again and doing some abs. I also am going to do 30 minutes of spin or the elliptical. Fit city here I come! 😉

Have a great night everyone!

 Question of the day:

What is your favorite breakfast food?


2 thoughts on “So. Sore.

  1. Breakfast for dinner is the best!! I love dippy eggs, and I am glad to see that I am not the only one who likes ketchup with my eggs :). I have not had Life cereal in forever. I need to buy some soon :).

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