Happy Spring!

Hi guys happy first day of spring! Are you all going to Rita’s to get FREE Italian ices? I want to! 😉

Last night I shredded my abs in CX Works class and then hopped on the good ole elliptical for a 30 minute sweat shesh! This was double fun beucase my Mom got on the elliptical right next to me and we talked the entire time. That FLEW BYE!! Can you believe she had never used the elliptical before? She is a diehard treadmill lovah… I will get her to cross train too don’t you worry! 😉

Oh you know I had to refuel after that! Dinner last night was courtesy of Subway! 6” Turkey on 9 Grain honey oat with hot sauce and tons of veggies!

photo (309)

I had planned on watching BL last night (even though Twitter ruined it for me and now I know who won) I will still wait for the ep to go on Demand so that I can watch it and pretend to be surprised.

Laundry took over from there. Ugh.

Breakfast today:

Lunch however, got creative!

photo (307)

I decided to use random goodies in the fridge to get creative and make myself a chicken quesadilla for lunch! Love me some Mexican food! This so doesn’t substitute a monster pile of nachos… :/

photo (308)

I used a whole wheat tortilla with ½ cup of Perdue grilled chicken, 2 slices of fat free American singles, taco seasoning, and topped this bad boy with Rotel Tomatoes… I am telling you it was slim pickins in the fridge we didn’t have salsa… whoops…

Orange and a yogurt in the afternoon… 😉

Today at the gym I did 45 minutes of hills on the elliptical. The feet are feelin pretty good. I am hoping for a good report at the doctor on Monday because I am ready to chuck this mega boot out the window.

In honor of the first day of spring, I thought I would discuss my favorite things about spring and hope that you will tell me some of yours!

Warm Weather. Brighter evenings. Walking and running outside! Shorts. Bright clothes. Flip flops. Flowers. Outside Races! Grilling. Patios. Fresh Steamed MD Crabs! Orioles games. Sun Dresses. Getting tan. New fresh fruit!

Now you tell me some of your favorite things about spring!!!


2 thoughts on “Happy Spring!

  1. Happy Spring!! Now if only the weather would start acting like it! 😉

    Your Subway looks awesome. That is definitely one of my favorite “fast food” restaurants. It has been far too long since I have bought a sandwich from there :(.

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