Diets and Taste the Rainbow…

Hey guys! Happy Thursday!

Quick recap of last night before I get to today!

Last night’s dinner was at a really good local pizza place! If you live in the Baltimore Suburbs check out Pasta Mista! There are 3 locations! 😉

I had a slice of mushroom pizza as well as a really great salad! (If you go, you must get their house dressing… trust me on this one.)

photo (312) photo (310)

We caught up on The Walking Dead and The Following last night…. holy crap. I think I must have sweated a bucket out through my palms from being on the edge of my seat with suspense last night. I wanted to hold Mike’s hand because the tension kept building with the plot but he had to wipe his hands off and let go… TMI?  I get really invested into my shows… obviously… I was sweaty and holding my breath at times. When will the characters ever listen to when I tell them not to do something that will for sure get them caught by the bad guys!?

Lunch to today was very colorful! I had a spring mix salad with a Carba Nada past a bowl and an orange! Not quite Skittles.. (get it?) but colorful nonetheless. I added some leftover Rotel tomatoes from my quesadilla yesterday to the marinara today and it added some pizzaz and a kick! Loved it!

photo (311)

Today’s lunch time strength was a repeat of the leg work out fromthis post minus the machine at the end. I was already feeling the burn and would rather do as much strength training without machines so that I know I can always do it even if I am not at the gym!

Tonight I plan on getting some serious cardio in! My uncle is coming into town and we are all going to watch the NCAA Tournament. Who do you think will win?!

I saw this article today on Shine from Yahoo! I think it is really interesting… I sort of agree with the article. I do in fact see both sides. I think it is a whole lifestyle change when you choose to life in a healthful way… yes there are times for splurges but you shouldn’t restrict yourself at all costs because in a sense you do set yourself up to fail when you stop. Previously I was always on a diet.. seriously! I have done Weight Watchers and have had serious successes with it! I lost 20+ pounds on it about 7 years ago and kept it off! But I think that was a tipping point for me. I was able to learn how to eat the things I like in moderation and learn about portion control. I used the online weight watchers app as a crutch. I knew what to do but couldn’t let go. Finally, a few months ago I did. No I didn’t pack on the weight again… and I didn’t fail. The things I learned from my lifestyle change stuck and I knew that it was important to incorporate the nutritious food in my life beyond the box of smart ones. I knew I had to make a change and learn to cook and eat less processed foods just because the point value was listed. It requires a little more work but there are so many more options! What are your thoughts on this diet issue?


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