Tweet and TGIF!

Sparky says you better have a really fun Friday!

photo (318)

Last night we had a pizza party to watch the NCAA Basketball tourney!! Ledo’s to the rescue!

photo (313)

I made sure to fill up on salad on the side. I couldn’t believe there were 100 calories in every tiny square. WOW. I only had a few!  But still! Yikes! Thank you for being a total downer myfitnesspal app!!!

photo (316)

I also was able to catch up on the BL finale! They FINALLY put it on Demand! I laughed. I cried. I loved it. I got so invested in that show and seriously can’t wait for the next season! Who were you most impressed with? Mike thought Lisa was awesome and I am just so proud of Danni! (GO TEAM JILLIAN!)

Is it really spring? I don’t believe it! I got in my car this morning and it was 29* come on! It is almost April! Bring me some 70s!!!

photo (315)

(IGNORE the blurry pic)

Because I have been so busy this week I haven’t had a chance to get to the store… so it’s a breakfast all day kinda day…

photo (314)

Oatmeal for breakfast, cereal for lunch…

I promise I will try to have a normal meal for dinner tonight!

Yesterday I made a twitter account for the good ol’ blog! Follow me at @nachoavgrunner !!! This will make it easier to see when new posts are up and running! (HA! Running.. get it? I am not funny but my mom laughs at my jokes ;)) I am also on instagram Nachoavgrunner.

I am going to swing by the grocery store on my way home from work so that I can get some food for this weekend, especially since I am making Mike a special dinner tomorrow! I am also going to hit the gym tonight to get some elliptical time in. I did my arm workout from the other day today during my lunch break so my strength training is almost done for the week! Tone tone tone.

Tomorrow is Spin (!!!) and CX Works… aka. Ab killer. Catch ya on the flip side!!

Question of the day:
What is the weather like where you are?!


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