Definition of a rest day!

Rest day: Sleep in til 10:45. Have your boyfriend make you an amazing brunch. Lay in your pajamas until 3. Watch a lovey movie with a girlfriend. Have a spoonful of peanut butter for a snack during said movie. Paint you nails. Watch Say Yes to the Dress. Relax. Smile.

Hi friends! I hope your Sunday is going well! Mine has been great. My day in a nutshell is that precise definition of a rest day!

Rewind to last night:

Last night Mike and I worked together to bring the steakhouse to us! He loves steak… I am not a huge fan but I had my favorite shrimp!

We made steak, shrimp, baked potatoes, salad, and roasted asparagus!! SO GOOD!!

photo (327)My plate:

photo (324)I had half a baked potato with light sour cream, shrimp, salad and topped my asparagus withe sautéed mushrooms and onions.

We had plans after dinner to go on a double date to the Melting Pot but unfortunately the restaurant was packed and we should have made reservations! Bummer! We did swing in to my favorite Sweet Frog still for a double date of FroYo!!!

photo (326)We all came back to Mike’s house to watch This is 40 which was actually really funny. It was kind of long though! I was up til after midnight and hence my total sleep in today!

When I did wake up Mike decided to make us this awesome brunch!

photo (325)All in all… I had an amazing weekend and an amazing rest day!
I hope you all did too!

Question of the day:

What MUST you do on a rest day for it to be complete?


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