Tasty Tuesday

Hi guys! I had an idea… I am a terrible cook and I really want to get better…. Since the only way to get better is to practice I thought I would document it all on the blog! Plus this spices things up a bit and reduces the monotony of my daily food log! 😉 Hope you like this!

Roasted Veggies: I had an epiphany on Saturday night when Mike said we should roast the asparagus rather than boil it and eat it mushy. DUH. How did it take me 24 years to figure out that roasted veggies give the veggies way more texture and a totally different flavor experience? He is so wise. I think he is trying to help me like more veggies at this age. Turns out you can teach an old dog a new trick!

I follow a similar basic procedure to roast my veggies! First wash and dry the produce. I then snip the ends of some. Asparagus for example, I bend the stalks and toss the woody ends. That way they are all not too hard or chewy!

After this step, I measure out a tablespoon of good olive oil (for a bunch of veggies, or less if you are using less veggies!!) and toss them together so that they are all coated well!

3.25 002

In this green bean example, I bought them pre washed and trimmed so that all I had to do was toss the oil into the bag and shake!

3.25 001

Easy peasy! While all of this is happening I preheat my oven to 375*.

Next, I lay out a sheet pan with aluminum foil on top (I am lazy and this makes it super easy to clean!)

You then lay out the vegetables on top of the foil and top with salt and pepper or any other herbs and spices you like.

3.25 003

Roast until the vegetables are starting to shrivel and edges brown. Do not let them burn. There is a very fine line here. I think I kept mine in there for 15-20 minutes and kept an eye on them for the last little bit.

Finally, I let them cool and just place the roasted goodness into a Ziploc container so that I can have easy access throughout the week! Having the healthy snacks on hand makes me more likely to eat them!

3.25 006

Since I love you all so much I am giving you a twofer today!! 2 recipes for the price of one! Last night’s dinner was a super easy recipe! BBQ shrimp pizza. It is a healthy take on one of my favorite meals!!

2.26 001

I used 1 whole wheat Arnold sandwich thin as my “dough”. I then measured out 1.5 tablespoons of Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce (you have to use this, it is the best!). I ended up scooping some off but you want to make sure it soaks into the bread a little so that it doesn’t dry out. Then top with 3 oz of precooked shrimp ( I am still using leftovers so this was a cinch) I got very lucky with the number of shrimp being even.

2.26 002

I love cilantro so I topped this baby off with a few leaves.  Next I measured out ¼ cup of fat free shredded mozzarella cheese. I also used 2T of parmesan cheese for the flava.

2.26 003

I simply popped the halves into the toasted oven for 10 minutes until the cheese was all melted. I served with my roasted veggies and thoroughly enjoyed my dinner!

2.26 004

Breakfast today was a new one and I will definitely give more detail tomorrow!

photo (332)


photo (331)

Question of the day: What is your favorite way to have green beans?


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