Last night after work, I ran! Mike came with me and I made him promise to go slow with me! We did an easy 2 miles and I am already sore today. I missed that so much!

We kept it at a 9 min/mile pace. It was glorious. No pain at all! I did make sure to come home and ice too!

photo (339)

We obviously had to refuel BIG TIME after such a strenuous run. Chipotle was the answer to my prayers. 😉

photo (338)

I got a vegetarian burrito bowl with brown rice and I made sure to ask for lettuce on the bottom because otherwise it falls off everywhere!

We also caught up on our shows last night! (The Walking Dead and the Following) For a girl who is afraid of EVERYTHING, I truly don’t know how I manage to sleep after these. If you don’t watch the Walking Dead… start now. Seriously. I make all my friends watch it so that we can talk about it for hours on end. This week was shocking I saw a whole new side to Mearle… I also almost cried over Maggie and Glen… Maggie. Please don’t wear that nasty zombie ring! …. And then I found $5…

Anyway! Today was a repeat of yesterday’s waffles… SO YUM.

Lunch was a little different. I was super lazy and just grabbed a box lunch. I had a Smart One’s Angel Hair Marinara to be exact and it was just ok. I used to rely on these ‘diet meals’ for lunch every day. But now I know better. I can eat MORE of the healthy stuff and be more satisfied. These are so full of sodium they make you feel awful and bloated and no one wants that! Plus there is like not a whole lot in there. I made sure to beef it up with sliced baby bella mushrooms!

photo (337)

I followed this up with a greek yogurt and an orange! 😉

My workout at lunch today kept me really entertained like yesterday’s!! I made this up as I went to keep things interesting!

25 min on the elliptical to warm up!

Pushup circuit!! In between sets of the pushups complete 3 sets of 10 of the exercises with weights of your choice!

  • 10 Pushups
  • Skull Crushers
  • 10 Pushups
  • Tricep Extensions
  • 10 Pushups
  • 1 Leg Bicep Curls
  • 10 Pushups
  • 1 Leg Bicep Curls to the side
  • 10 Pushups
  • Shoulder Raises
  • 10 Pushups
  • Row
  • 10 Pushups


Question of the day:

What is your favorite thing to get at Chipotle?!


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