Disappointing Salad

TGIF! Hey guys!

Last night we got carryout for dinner. I was really trying to be healthy when we ordered pizza so I ordered the dinner salad with grilled chicken..

photo (343)

YUCK. It looked so good and was so deceiving. Whatever marinade they had the chicken in was awful it made the whole salad taste funny and was completely inedible. I ended up having 1.5 slices of pizza in the end… oh well.

Last night I took advantage of Comcast’s watchathon that they are hosting this week. Basically until Sunday, you can watch all of the shows that are On Demand even if you don’t have HBO or other premium channels. I am almost through Season One of Girls! Gotta check out Downton Abbey this weekend too!

Breakfast today was a office party for a coworker who is having a baby. I knew they would have delicious but unhealthy options at the brunch so I made sure I had breakfast in advance:

photo (342)

Those apple turnovers and bagels looked amazing, but they just really weren’t worth the calories. I was still able to mingle and enjoy everyone’s company though!

I plan on doing another easy run this afternoon, but I also did the elliptical for 35 minutes during my lunch break to get some cardio in!

photo (341)

Lunch today was sans meat. I made quinoa “fried rice” again and added a ton more veggies to the ¾ cup cooked quinoa and low sodium soy sauce to beef this baby up!

photo (340)

I also had an orange and greek yogurt with my lunch!

I plan on having a relaxing evening tonight and then I have a ton to do tomorrow including getting up and getting to spin! 😉

Question of the day:
What do you do to avoid the pitfalls of unhealthy work gatherings?


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