Spring day and I do not like almond butter!

How is it already Saturday afternoon!? Today was such a beautiful day I hope you all got outside to enjoy some of it!!

When I woke up today to go to spin, I saw how beautiful it was outside and decided to blow off the indoor class. I knew I just had to get outside and run!!!

Breakfast was first on the agenda. I decided on oats and wanted to try the almond butter I picked up at the store recently. YUCK.

photo (348)

I finished this because I don’t like to waste, but man, I did not like the texture of this at all. I just love me some peanut butter!

Next up was CX Worx! I needed to get in some core strength training!!

photo (347)

I followed that up with 20 minutes on the elliptical to warm up for my OUTDOOR RUN!

photo (346)

It was such a beautiful morning in the mid-fifties! I ran in shorts and a t-shirt and I was completely comfortable! I did an easy 3 miles on a new route and really loved it! I felt great and came home and stretched for a bit!

After I showered and got ready, we went to Subway for lunch! I got my delicious usual!
photo (344)So good!

After lunch, I had some errands and grocery shopping to do! I wanted to hurry though! I wanted to be sure I could get home and go outside to enjoy the rest of this beautiful weather!

I sat outside with Sparky who was loving the beautiful day and gave him some peanut butter Cheerios that I was munching on! It has been such a beautiful day!! I love this and I am so ready for spring and summer now!! 😉

Tonight is date night with Mike, I can’t wait!!

Question of the day:
What did you do to get outside and enjoy this beautiful day today?


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