Date night recap!

Hey Guys! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and relaxing holiday!

Back track to Saturday because I have gotta tell you about my dinner date with Mike! Mike has been working like a horse! He is full swing in tax season so a date night to relax a bit is just what the doctor ordered!

photo (352)

We decided to go to Outback Steakhouse for dinner on Saturday night because we hadn’t been there in a while. When we got to the restaurant there was about a 45 minute wait, which was to be expected on a Saturday night. We didn’t mind. We walked right over to the bar to order drinks and an appetizer to share!

I had a delicious glass of Riesling!

photo (351)

After our wait we headed to the table and ordered! Mike got the Bloomin’ Burger (Because I didn’t want to waste 215354654354768454 calories on the bloomin onion and he wanted a taste) and I ordered the Shrimp and Steak combo! I got my potato without the fixings to save on wasted calories as well.

photo (350)

We both left with a lot of leftovers but had a wonderful time together!

I woke up pretty early on Sunday because we had plans with Mike’s parents and brother for brunch and I made myself a delicious cup of coffee to start my day!

photo (349)

I won’t go over the details of yesterday again because I think I gave ya a nice summary last night and I don’t want to get tooooo repetitive 😉 But we had a wonderful day!

Last night was amazing with the season finale of the Walking Dead to tie the weekend together. Who doesn’t love ending their weekend with Zombie slayings… 😉

Side note for all of you Ann Taylor Loft fans like me… everything online today is 50% off… get your shop on!!!


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